Modern Party Wear Patiala Salwar Suits Latest Fashion Trends and Types

The fashion trends changes its face day by day. One kind of trend take over another trend in varieties of salwar kameez. One such stylish types of Indian ethnic wear is known as Punjabi suits. These dresses appear from the region of Punjab where you definitely find this suit in the closet of almost every woman. The Patiala Salwar Suits are display in textile industry in dissimilar styles. The types of Patiala includes Printed, Casual, Embrodiered, Bridal, Party Wear, Bridal, Dhoti kind of and Wedding style.

A Printed Patiala dress includes various printed designs on Patiala and usually seen in Georgette or Chiffon material. The funky looking these suits are best to wear in summer or heavy rain seasons. They provide great level of ease of wearing and pretty charming appear with natural looking floral prints, any scenery prints, Geometrical prints, Abstract prints or Bandhej prints. These types of salwar kameez are majorly purchased by women to wear on daily or official wear.

The casual embroidered suits are those having a Patiala with little embroidery work on it and usually seen with charming butti design on kameez and salwar of the outfit. These types of suits are perfect to wear on casual occasion like puja, ceremonies, birthday party of friend or any such event. The little rich and heavier adornments on it make them wearable as a party wears Patiala dresses.

The bridal Patiala Dresses are designed in such a way that it look great on bride in marriage. The use of sparkling adorns like diamonds, sequences or moti designs make such heavy suits best suitable for dulhan in wedding. These profound suits are little luxurious in cost as they obtains a expensive appear and sense. The style declaration of these suits really reaches the peak of the lady who wear it.  Another kinds of this dresses includes dhoti kind of salwar which gives a similar look like dhoti but remains in stitched form. These kinds of Patiala are seen with majorly a dark shades. An beautiful rounded curves that make them even more cozy and graceful. The craze of any kind of Patiala is just because it gives a great style and relaxing feel after attiring it. The one who is keenly search in for the cozy and comfy attire Patiala Salwar Suit is just the best option for her.

Trends are increasing day by day in various kinds of suits. One such Patiala Salwar Suits are really stylish and widely adorable by women from all over the world. The above information stated the different types and styles of such dresses. Hope you find this article helpful while purchasing the Patiala dresses.

5 Tips for Female Fashion Models

You’re young and confident. You know the way you want to go. And you’re ready to do everything to the reach the top.

You’re doing well – but somehow, things are not shaping up your way. Well, try out our 5 tips then. These are simple. But they can put your career well on track.

Be good with people

It’s a strange world out there – what you give comes back to you, sooner or later. So be good with people you meet.

Life works in a strange manner – someone you know might know someone who knows a great designer! So, if you’re new in the business and have dreams to reach the top, be at your best version when interacting with people.

Let your work show who you are

Networking is important – so is being good with people. But what is more important is how seriously and passionate you are about your work. So give you hundred per cent to your work and invest in a portfolio that could show an agency or designer about what you can do for their brands or collections.

Be informed

Looks are what matter the most when you’re a model – but the industry respects more who possess knowledge. If you’re new or even a seasoned model, keep yourself abreast of the best fashion trends in India. Subscribe to magazines that can keep you informed about the latest fashion trends and news update.

Be there on fashion sites and important events

No matter how beautiful and professional you are, unless you are at a place where people can see you, chances are you wouldn’t get a lot of work.
There’re a couple of sites that let fashion models, designers, and photographers upload their work and show the same to the world. Some of these sites are really worth a shot and absolutely free.

The power of persuasion

You’re not a popular model who doesn’t need favours – you’re new and need a good start. So if you find an assignment that you like to take up, approach the agency. Don’t give up if they say no for the first time – if the assignment/project can be a stepping stone for your career, spend time to understand what went wrong – and what you can do about it.

Do your homework and contact the agency once again. Not many of us fully understand and leverage the power of persuasion. Find the person who’s more likely to listen to you and help you out. Go with full confidence and nail it. Again, your passion, your persuasion, and your understanding of the best fashion trends in India will help you get the assignment.

Men Clothing Online – With Changing the Fashion of Mens Clothes

In today’s date, even men are equally fashion conscious. Gone are those days when men found satisfaction in a pair of jeans and t-shirt or a formal trouser. Today, the fashion industry has revolutionized and numerous designer clothing items are available exclusively for men. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, the picture has undergone a huge transformation. Lots of online stores have come up with some of the top collection of items for men. These dress items are designed keeping in mind the latest trends. These are sure to win the hearts of every men sitting out there. 

Unique and Exclusive Collection:

As there are endless numbers of stores online, it often becomes difficult for a consumer to decide the right sore. However, in the context ofMen Clothing Online, it is important to remember that the store that offers the most unique and exclusive collection stands in the top list. One of the best stores makes effort in bringing up new collections in different seasons. Ranging from clothing items from the top designer brands to some other options in t-shirts, jackets and pants, these stores bring out the best for their consumers.

Available In Special Deals And Discounts:

Not all men are successful in finding the best store that can give them a reasonable deal for their purchase. With a careful and thorough research, they can surely come across a store that will deliver the best Men Clothing Online. Quality is one of the most important things that he will not have to bother even when he is getting at affordable rates. The entire trust relies on the reputation and authenticity of the store. Such a store will never compromise on the quality of the dress materials they sell. In fact, good quality clothing items are one of the major reasons for which people are attracted to buying them.

Easy To Access:

In the context of selecting an online store, it is crucial to remember that only the stores that are easy to access with their exclusive and exquisite collection acquire the highest level of popularity. Some of these clothing items can completely change the look and style statement of a person. In addition to that, the perception of how the world sees him will also change in this context. This is indeed a great achievement because when he dresses smart, he looks smarts and this creates a positive impression on his personality.

Different Clothing Options:

Needless to say there are hosts of clothing options available to a man today. Selecting the right kind of clothing is essential because it is the key element in determining his personality. Some of the best collections from some of the most popular brands under a single roof can do the work for the man who is looking for perfection. As a result, it can play a great role in satisfying his requirements and he can deck himself up in wide varieties of occasions and celebrations.

A Career in Fashion Designing in India

A Career in Fashion Designing in India

If you asked us about a course on fashion designing twenty years ago in India, we wouldn’t be able to come up with a good response. But thankfully, the state has changed now and we are all set to start a good career in fashion designing here in India. The population has increased and everyone’s interest in fashion has definitely become more visible. More people have started to take this as a career choice and so many have become popular ever since.

Advantages of studying fashion designing

There are several advantages that come with fashion designing. Since several institutions are funded by the government, you can expect to finish your course at a lesser price her as compared to other countries. In the past couple of years, India has seen so many youngsters who have taken up fashion designing as a career choice and now they have their own boutique.


In order to pursue fashion designing, you should have good skills such as excellent communication skills, being conscious about changing fashion trends, the ability to draw, learn and create. You should also be a very creative person. The more you innovate, the better it is for you in a course like this. You must understand colours, textures and different shades if you want to be on top of the list. And in order to become successful, don’t just do a bachelors degree in fashion designing. Stick to something more such as a post graduate program or even a diploma.

Best Fashion Designers to Draw Inspiration From

There are hundreds of designers in Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and Bangalore who can teach you interesting stuff on fashion design. In Kolkata you have Sabyasachi who graduated from NIFT in 1999 and was later awarded as the most outstanding fashion designer here in India. His collection is found in several stores here in Kolkata as well as India. Apart from that you have Ritu Kumar, Ritu Bahl and Neeta Lulla who have featured in prominent magazines and had their designs reach new heights.

But speaking of the designers in Delhi, one guy we cannot miss out on is Rajesh Pratap Singh. He graduated from NIFT in 1994 and is one of the most noted designers from here. He has trained under people like David Abraham and is best known for his sandals, buttons and chappals designs. Rajesh Pratap Singh is very innovative and comes with something new every now and then.

Famous Footwear Designer School Lists

Have you ever thought of becoming a shoes designer? Thus you have a chance to follow the latest vogue and fashion. While there aren’t a lot of colleges and universities that offer specific and comprehensive training in footwear design, there are some. Most of these schools also offer degrees and courses in other aspects of accessory and fashion design. Here are some of them.

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
With several locations in California, The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising offers advanced study in Footwear Design as part of it’s Fashion Design program. FIDM’s Footwear Design program is small and extremely focused. You won’t be learning about how to make handbags or other accessories, but you will be taught every aspect of the footwear industry during the course of this one year program.

Istituto Europeo di Design
With locations in Italy and Spain, this institute offers several other fashion design courses, including a one year course in Accessories & Shoes Design in Rome.

Located in Florence, Italy, Polimoda offers an 2.5 year intensive Design Footwear and Accessories program with a three month internship for European students. Students learn all aspects of the footwear industry, including shoe history and popular shoemaking software. Enrollment is offered to high school graduates, and class size is limited to 25 students.

London College of Fashion
The London College of Fashion offers several long and short courses in footwear design and shoemaking, including an intensive six week program called “Footwear Summer School.”

The Fashion Institute of Technology
Occupying an entire city block, FIT is located in Manhattan, New York and offers one and two year associates degrees, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Accessories Design. In addition to learning shoe design and making skills, students also learn about belts, handbags and hats as part of these degree programs.

De Montfort University
Located in Leicester, England, De Monfort University is the only Single Honors Footwear Design course in the UK, and offers work placement opportunities for students.

Best Online Sites to visit for Latest fashion Trends

Fashion is a slow ripening fruit in our country. Despite owning the resources, Fashion hasn’t grown to its optimum potential in the last decade. Of course you see bits and glimpse of world fashion in Bollywood movies and possibly pine over a beautiful piece of clothing or jewellery, that you know is impossible to get anywhere in your city. Thankfully online shopping provides some reprieve; it has made fashion within reach for almost all the internet using citizens.

Latest Fashion Trends

So if you want a rare piece of clothing or shoes, here are a few fashion tips on sites to visit for latest trends.

India’s most sought after fashion site would be:-
This is a megamall for online deals in India for fashion products. Catering to all categories and age group, finding a trendy piece of clothing is not out of question. You can find even the clothes that you might have seen in movies. is something of a giant for this category. Why is that, because you get most of the designer wear and clothes off the ramp and even world brands here? Possibly even the brands that you don’t see or hear much of.  Elitify is also for the niche market, as you can tell, by the designer wear and brands, they do not come cheap. is another well to do site; it houses some of the most recent trends, for extremely reasonable rates.  Koovs has the leverage of not just having good designs but also affordable rates. is another link to all that is fashion. You want a certain design, you get it here. It houses numerous brands and various categories. So search is even easier this time around. It is not selling anything of its own but holds a record of brands and products, thus directing you to the most suitable one, to satisfy your needs. If you are looking for latest trends, this is the best site to visit. You don’t leave disappointed. is the designer wear online store for Ethnic or fusion wear. It is a craft based store, bringing to you the most chic designs in the market on the most opulent of fabrics at reasonably low rates. So if you want something Indian, related to crafts and textiles; this is your go to store. What is more, that these designs are unique. You shall not fid the kind of clothes on any other site or store.

5 best ways to recycle your men fashion clothes, to preserve our environment

Recycling is the process of turning used products into raw materials that can be used to make new products. Its purpose is to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. Recycling reduces energy consumption, since it generally takes less energy to recycle a product than to make a new one.

Recycling is the need of the hour. Recycling can be done with a lot of things. Also it is very wise to do recycling, because if you don’t do it now the whole world would suffer later on, so why not add even a bit if you can? One can recycle plastic, electronics, mobile phones etc.

One more thing that you can is clothes. This is something that not many of us know about. A lot of us have a misconception that recycle clothes are second hand clothes, but it’s really not like that. There are many ways to recycle clothes; few of them are as follows:-

  1. In this method you have to collect post-industrial waste, cloth and scraps left over from fabric and garment manufacture, and post-consumer waste, used clothes and other household textiles. All the fabric is sorted according to type, color and grade, and then shredded into fibers. The product, known as shoddy, can, if it is of a high grade, be mixed with new fibers and then spun for weaving or knitting.
  2. You can also donate your clothes to a company that recycle old clothes and make new ones.
  3. You can also try revamping old clothes you are tired of, giving them new decorations, cutting them a bit, or combining pieces of different clothes you like and using the rest as rags or handkerchiefs, as discussed above.
  4. Sign up to participate in Freecycle or Ecofreek where you can give and get stuff for free as you wish
  5. Also one can donate the clothes to others, as there are many such people who can’t afford   to buy new ones. Or you can even have a garage sale, thus you can make some money off of your old clothes. Isn’t this an awesome way to go green and save the environment?

Indian Fashion designers’ clothes contribution in fashion Industry

Indian couture has evolved in the recent years due to increasing ambit of Indian fashion designers clothes. Indian fashion designers have displayed impressive collections of their ethnic wear at international events and made them huge hit as well. These clothes are loved for the boldness in their patterns blending with traditional workmanship of India. They showcase the effervescence of Indian traditions and charm of Indian dresses that include sarees, salwar kameez, lehengas, and kurtis. Over the years, fashionistas around the world have shown keen interest in these Indian fashion designers clothes and included them in their classy wardrobes as well. In fact, this global recognition has accelerated Indian fashion designers clothes online shopping due to their easy availability on internet.

Leading Indian fashion designers have made significant contributions to Indian couture with their exclusive creations. Let us delve into the work of some of these designers:

Manish Malhotra:

Your Indian fashion designers clothes online shopping will never be accomplished without having a look at his flamboyant collection of lehengas, sarees, and Anarkalis. Manish Malhotra is a leading designer who is attributed with transformation of on screen looks of Indian actresses with dresses that exude glamour, style, and affluence of traditional Indian clothing.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Among the top Indian fashion designers, Sabyasachi has a distinct position due to his relentless efforts of reviving Indian sarees. With traditional hand works, block printing, bandhej, and gota patti work, he has created stunning range of sarees for celebrities as well as other fashion savvy women across the world.

Ritu Kumar:

As veteran Indian fashion designer, Ritu Kumar has created landmarks in the niche of Indian ethnic wear through revival of certain regional handicrafts. Her work speaks volume about her innate sense of ethnicity combined with perfect style. She is admired for her stupendous collection of elegant sarees, kurtis, salwar kameez, and lehengas for the who’s who of Indian fashion industry.

Ritu Beru:

Ritu Beri is a name to reckon with in international fashion arena. The collection of Indian fashion designers clothes has gained better acceptability around the world due to her popularity as a versatile designer who is able to play with colors, gathers, layers, and rich motifs in clothes to create magic. Your search for beautiful Indian fashion designers clothes will always take you to the enchanting collection from this celebrated designer.

Masaba Gupta:

She is young and dynamic among the leading Indian fashion designers. Her collection reflects perfect youthfulness with quirky prints and rich fabrics as well as extensive use of black color in them. She highlights traditional patterns in her contemporary clothes and uses ethnic fabrics like silk and Chanderi to make them more stylish in looks.

Manish Arora:

In his fashion career, Manish Arora has earned kudos for his skillful designing. Bold patterns in golden color with bright motifs and rich use of zari work on fine fabrics are the forte of this talented couturier from India. His designs have taken Indian traditional fabrics, ethnic motifs, and vibrancy of colors in Indian costumes to global platform. They perfectly balance the ethnicity with style to stun everyone with his apt creativity.

Revamp Winter Fashion 2012 with Fashion Tips For Winter

Refurbish your Winter Fashion 2012 wardrobe, wedged with winter fashion 2011assortment is not an option. Winter fashion 2012 from 2011 changes time to time, according to the season requirements every year. Only those fashion designers who present unique and shocking colors with elegant designs are successful in this field like Versace, D&G,Cambridge, Oxford etc. In order to fulfill the obligation of winter trends 2012 fall, fashion designers are tiring day and night.

Winter Fashion 2012

Extraordinary rainbows of colour, designed by different fashion creators, ability to touch the hearts of new trend lowers. These shocking designs on canary yellow, electrifying pink, vibrant orange, sea green, apple white and rose white shades are really breathtaking and attractive. Gear up to buy these prints on different on-line fashion stores and boutiques. Just click on any online fashion shop and fill your shopping bucket with selected outfits for this winter season.

Winter Fashion 2012

Lets follow the animal print designs of zebras, leopards, tigers and cheetahs on different fabrics like silk and synthetic silk. Believe me this investment will not be vanished until gives you return. Try to wear these animal printed shits with matching combination of pant and shalwar with matching dupatta, shawls etc. The mixing of two different pattern outfits is not a superior decision, avoid this practice and use one design with simple print. These animal printed patterns are also available in shoes and these are perfect to wear in these running winter season.

Winter Fashion 2012

Oxford lamb wool sweaters are also very stylish and easily available thru market. I personally like these oxford and Bonanza designs. These hand mad or lambs wool stuff sweater has ability to keep warm and stylish in winter season. Unique simple lining of hand knitted sweaters is specialty. Oxford lambs wool and Bonanza woolen sweaters can effortlessly buy through online fashion boutiques using credit card or other different payment methods. Furthermore, according to the perception of upcoming Christmas fashion demand 2011-2012 designs of winter outfits are ready. High heels with leather shorts are very attractive for Christmas and New Year functions. I think that these suggestions and annotated facts about winter fashion 2012 and winter trends 2011 are not enough for fashion lovers, eager for your good range Read this full article on my site Trends and Styles Fall

The Innovative Fashion Trends of Driving Shoes for Men

That’s the main reason why many companies are now starting to launch exclusive car accessories to cater the exceptional preferences and requirements of car enthusiasts by assuring the comfort of driving cars at the instant focus. Among all available car accessories, the driving shoes are the latest stylish statement with elite designs to compliment your unique fashion sense.

Ultimate Fashion Symbol

After all, the benefits of driving shoes for men is not only limited to the comfort or ease of driving. However, these types of shoes are filled with the plentiful fashion sense in order to pick your own style statement. The car shoes are available on the market with different textures, designs and colors to suit your apparel styles perfectly. No matter whether you want to wear jeans or shorts, these car shoes for men can fit your statement for every occasion.

The Current Market Trends

Many shoe companies are now specializing in providing a wide array of multi-functional shoes so that you can use them anytime, besides during driving. That’s the main reason why many customers as well as manufacturers are now opting for driving shoes. With the growing trend on the market, these shoes have reached at the top among all available shoe choices.

The Exceptional Features

As these shoes are named as car shoes, it’s obvious that you should consider the features that separates them from ordinary shoe styles. Moreover, driving shoes for men have treads that extend from the sole to ensure the protection of the heels while driving. When you drive a car, they will keep your feet protected from any kind of driving related stresses. It’s due to the fact that, the soles of driving shoes are made soft to make sure an extreme level of comfort while driving. Moreover, in some varieties of these types of shoes have additional features to increase movement and maneuvering. With exclusive ultra-thin style, they can make sure to snug your feet by avoiding any movement inside or around the shoe. As a result, your shoes will stay intact and help you get an excellent driving experience.

Shoes are considered as one of the greatest fashion statements for men. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe and add some style and comfort ingredient into your driving routine with exquisite styles of driving shoes for men of Driving Shoes CO. No matter whatever your preferences, you will get your perfect pick as per your style sense!

The Effect of Fashion on Teenagers in School

There was a time when the concept of fashion was only in the occasions. Though, it would be pointless to compare the present generation with our generation. But I can see a vast difference between the present and the older generation. Fashion is the key word for today’s teenagers. In fact, fashion reflects even in the school students. The bags they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry themselves involve so much of fashion. The teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact they can be good trendsetters themselves. There are many teens that invent their own styles and aim at becoming an icon among their groups.

Earlier, fashion used to be found only among the affluent class of people. But now the times have changed. Now, class doesn’t matter in any way on the road to becoming fashionable. In fact, everybody is fashionable these days. We can hardly see anyone on the streets who isn’t fashion conscious. One of the many factors responsible for the spread and the craze of fashion among people so much is Television. Fashion or “style” in the colloquial language can be called contagious because people get influenced by one who already is fashion conscious. Being fashion conscious not only makes you popular among your folks but also upgrades your confidence level.

Teenagers of the present times have involved themselves so much with fashion that they don’t get sufficient time for other work. Instead of reading textbooks they prefer to read fashion magazines. They try hard to imitate the models or glam faces so as to resemblance them. The time they should spend in their studies, they spend in watching programmes on TV, reading fashion articles or finding the recent trendy clothes on the web. Unlike earlier, now the teenagers do not go out with their parents on weekends, rather they plan their outings with their friends. The prime zones for outings have now become malls for most of them because they can do a lot of shopping there apart from having fun.

Earlier children used to dream of becoming Scientists, Doctors or Engineers or even teachers, but the priority and taste of the children of these days have changed. Most of them desire to be into the glamour world. They find the fashion world better than any other job. In fact, one who is not fashion conscious these days doesn’t get much importance. One who looks trendy in the first appearance takes away all the limelight.

But it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to keep a watch over their children of whether they are using much of their time in grooming themselves or in their studies. Too much of information regarding recent trends and styles block the minds of the children and distract them from their studies. Schools also should make some strict rules to avoid using fashionable accessories within the school premises. It’s good to keep yourself updated with fashion but if interferes in your academic performance and your time, it should be avoided.

Indian Wedding Wear Saree Latest Fashion Trends for 2016

Wedding is one of the most convivial moments of every girl’s life. In India, mostly women wear sarees for the wedding ceremony. Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. Most of IndianWedding Wear Sarees are preferred in red, pink and maroon color. These attires are usually comes in heavy designer work and material use for such occasion is silk, georgette, net, chiffon, bhagalpuri etc. The saree can be magnified in variety of designs and styles. The bottom zari patti and the hem line embroidery border of the outfit is nicely enriched to make it highly ravishing and alluring. The attractive designer sarees with heavy works that can be done on finest fabrics impress many women in the modern day.

The main three factors to keep in mind while buying your outfit are- saree color, designs and draping style.  There are various kinds of sarees with embroidery work, zardoshi work, stones, lace patti, beads, sequins and other adornments. Today Indian designers make a wide range of fashionable wedding wear sarees for the Indian bride according to current trends. They offer innovative and stylish attires so that you can get outfits as you like. The beautiful blouse patterns also add a fashionable touch and can make you look more enchanting.

Wedding wear sarees matter lots when we talk about traditional and ethnic appearance, because it gives beautiful and feminine look. These days cut lace patch work, designer blouse style, stylish blouse pattern style and fancy ribbon work is creating a new fashion trends. The blouse play very important role to make you look beautiful. So, when you selected blouse keep in mind your body size, shape,skin tone and shade of saree you are planning to wear. These also are comes in different kind of designs and patterns to create a style statement.  That is way the sarees are most liked by women any other outfits like salwar suits and lehenga style. As we know people are highly follow bollywood fashion style. Indian actresses, celebrities and Tv serial actresses are wearing their especially designed sarees for the marriage, parties or any grand events.

The attires are embellished with beautiful designer works give a perfect look for wedding function. So, make a stunning appearance, matching with fancy jewelry, ornaments and latest wedding wear sarees to make you wedding occasion memorable forever. To get fashionable sarees you can search both offline stores and online women clothing websites. Perhaps you can get best and ideal designs in online marketplace.

Proper Research Can Help In Choosing The Best Fashion Design College In India

“Fashion” and “fashion products” are a growing market in India. Their contribution is seemingly significant in the Indian economy as Indian fashion garments and accessories are spreading their roots all across the globe and this segment has started contributing majorly to the export goods of the nation. This has led to an increasing interest of today’s youth in coming up with the ideas and making their career in the field of fashion designing. There are various institutes who have come forward to offer the courses in fashion designing in order to help these students fulfill their dreams.  These Fashion Design College in India offer good education and provide scope of opportunities to their students so that they can get adequate amount of exposure and skills that are very much needed for this field.

As the field of education of fashion is not very old, the students still are not completely aware of the best Fashion Design College in India. They often end up in making wrong decisions in this state of confusion.

First of all you need to make a mind mapping of your career by getting suitable knowledge from sources such as internet, relatives, successful designers etc. This will help you to decide what all courses you want to pursue and what kind of job do you want to take up at the end of your course. Some people want to take up a job with a designer house while others want to set up their independent brand line.

Internet can be a good source of information initially that will help you to find out the best colleges as per your search (all India ranking or location wise search), then you can visit these institutes personally and find out more information (infrastructure, faculty etc). Other help can be derived from the alumni of these colleges. Social media is very helpful for such searches through various communities or threads available.

You can always check the placement records and the kinds of events hosted by the institute that will ascertain you with the amount of exposure that you can get at these Fashion Design College in India.

Be careful while you go through this research as some institutes seem to be putting up fake data or misinterpreted data on their websites. In this case again the alumni or senior batch of the students in the college will play an important role as your guide.

One more important thing that you should definitely not miss in a fashion designing institute is its practical lab. As this field is more about a practical outcome than theoretical assessment, the need of a fully quipped lab along with a full functional computer lab is a must! One needs to learn the software such as CAD, Photoshop, and Corel Draw etc to draw initial sketches before coming up with a final design.

Taste Success with Srishti School of Art Bangalore

If you want your name to shine with golden inks in the field of creativity, innovation and technology then pull up your socks and choose the right institute to take the first step forward towards achieving your dreams. Those who have that zeal and passion to crack every entrance test to get into the top institute of art and designing then you reading the just right thing for you. Srishti School of Art, Technology and Design is the perfect place that polishes your raw talent and make you the best head to enter the professional field. Settled in Bangalore, this school is a resourceful option to choose for all those students who dream to excel in art industry.

This school was established in 1996 by the Ujwal Trust. It gained popularity as an institute offering supreme quality art and design education. Srishti School of Art and Design boasts impeccable services, metal and wood workshops and it has a skilled and expert staff with creative and highly educated faculty. As a result of its success, Srishti has introduced 2 new centres and has added 4 new programs of PG Advanced Diploma in 2008. These two new centres are named as CEMA (Centre for Experimental Media Arts) and CERTAD (Centre for Educational Research). The others are PG level (ADP) Advanced Diploma Programs in Experimental Media Arts, in Design and Education, Game Designs and Animation and Visual Effects. Srishti offers a total number of 100 seats in its various Undergraduate Diploma Programs. These programs include Visual Communication Design, Textile Design, Animation and Visual Effects, Product and Interface Design, Digital Video Production and Furniture and Spatial Design.

Advanced Programs under Post Graduate Diploma proffers Digital Platform for Learning, Advertising, reimaging Conservation in Education, Experimental in Media Art, Illustration, Play and Juggad in Scioence and Mathematics Education, Aesthetic and Critical Studies, User Experience Design and Innovation, Philosophy of Culture, Intermedia Botanical Art and Design, Photography, Museum and Gallery Practices, Public History, Visual Effects for Film and last but not the least Visual Communication Design.

AFS Fashion Academy gives top notch coaching for different types of entrance exams that directly helps students to clear the maximum number of entrances they attempt. You can visit the official website of this institute to find the full fledged information regarding admissions and admission forms for Srishti. Do not miss out the opportunity to get enrolled into this school as it has the maximum potential to turn your dreams into real with its beyond the excellence coaching facilities with a striking blend of quality education and affordable studying packages.

Build An Alluring Career In Fashion Design

Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories. This art of fashion design is influenced by artistic and social attitudes of the society and has evolved with the time and region.

Fashion designing is considered as one of the most creative, appealing, glamorous and astonishing career options in today’s time. Your creative taste, style and originality is the most required thing to make a career in fashion designing. Similarly, the fashion industry fascinates both, the creative and the materialistic needs of the people, with promise offame, success, glamour and a high paying package to the talented and deserving people.

However, it is also a demanding as well as challenging career, as it requires both, creativity and managerial ability to keep going in the industry. But as every coin has two sides, this alluring career is very much demanding at the same time. One has to start the career from the ground level and should have enough patience to become a successful designer.  So if you think you are capable increating magic with colours, shapes and designs, then just get your name registered in the best fashion design institute in Delhi. A professional course, to start a successful career in the charming world of fashion designing, should be done from a well-known and good Fashion designing Institute in Delhi.

One can start a career as a fashion designer based on the two types of qualifications:

  • Natural: If a person possess a decent aesthetic sense, colour expertise, good taste and sense of trends and fashion, then it is understood that he/she has a natural sense of creativity and can look forward for his/her career in this field.
  • Acquired: This kind of skills means a qualification from a known, recognized and best fashion Institute. One can enrol for either a full-time course such as in Fashion Design or a part time certificate course for 3 or 6 months. Students usually take these up after completing their 10+2.There are numerous short-term certificate courses offered by the same fashion instituteson part-time basis. The best part of these courses are that they prepare you with technical and creative thinking skills.

A good programme in fashion design ensures that students are kept well aware of thechanging demands and opportunities in the fashion industry about latest technologiesand tools, techniques and trends. The concept is to develop strategic and innovative approaches. The Fashion Design programme is usually offered at the undergraduate degree and post graduate degree levels. The courses are of duration of 3 years to 5 years.

The graduates passed out from best Fashion design institute in Delhi are taken up by the big brands to be employed in positions of costume designer, fashion buyers, fashion consultant, personal stylist, production managers, product developers, quality control managers, designer, production pattern maker, fashion coordinator, visual merchandisers, store managers and transportation/distribution managers, purchasing agents, show room sales representative. After gaining a sound experience of few years, some people successfully open and run their own ventures as they are now equipped with the challenges to be faced in this industry.

Career Options after Graduating From a Fashion Designing College in India

The path that you choose should interest you in the first place and offer you chances of growth in the future. Here in this short write-up we shall discuss a few career options that you can choose after graduating from a fashion design college.

Glitz World

It is the dream of any designer to have models walk down the ramp in their designed outfits or get the cover page in a leading fashion magazine. If you are interested in the glitz world you can take part in fashion shows and other events. Of course this would require a lot of investment but if you have the right ideas and talent, getting hold of sponsors is no big deal. You can also work in the film and television industry and design outfits to be worn on the screen. If you choose this option make sure you have a strong portfolio to showcase to prospective clients.

In-house Designer

This is one of the most preferred options by most students fresh out of the designing institute in delhi . You can work as an in-house designer for a leading brand and work according to the guidelines. Here you would draw a monthly salary and the company would own rights to the design. Here you would usually be given a brief of the market trends and work on them accordingly.

Jewelry Designing

The Indian jewelry market is estimated at 250000 cores or $42 billion and this sees a double digit growth year on year. India is also one of the largest exporters of jewelry in the world. So if you have some creative ideas in your mind interested in working in this industry it would offer you great number of opportunities. You can start with a leading jewelry brand and also turn into an independent designer in the future.

Fashion Label

If you have the creativity and a decent bit of capital you can start off with your own fashion label. Though very few young designers walk this path straight out of the college you would have an ocean of opportunities to explore with your own design label. You would have complete creative freedom over your design and can also easily market them through the e-commerce channel.

An institute such as the International College of Fashion would offer you the ideal platform to start your career in fashion designing full of glitz and glamour. They are one of the most popular colleges for aspiring fashion design students in India. With a well-designed curriculum they have been able to expose their students into the intricacies of the fashion industry. They have state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of experienced faculty members who bring in years of experience in the fashion industry and act as perfect guides for the students.

Communicating Fashion Through Internet And Fashion School

Science and technology, in its actual fact has come to stay and it has been changing aspects of our lives. It has done more good than harm and it has finally left the world to a global villages. Meanwhile, fashion has not been excluded in the area touched by the resultant affect /of science and technology.

Communication has been made faster and easier through some notable media. Message and information are not only passed across to the waiting audience, the likes of ideas, culture, norms, fashion, among other are also passed to these respective widely dispersed. Another vital medium is now powerfully on ground.

It is not any medium other than the INTERNET. It has finally made the headway even in sensitizing and communicating fashion and its rudiment to people. The internet has certainly change the way we do things the way we shop and the way we converse. More also, part of the effort of the internet in communication fashion, it has completely revolutionized our way of living. The real; knowledge of fashion world, by giving /out degrees in fashion schools.

Through internet, degrees are earned in fashion design and this makes more and more online fashion to emerge with a view to attract students. Getting your degree without actually attending school is not really a new thing. In the past, these types of learning was called correspondence studies, people who wants to earn their degree do so, by communicating with the instructor through the same internet.

The normal admission pre-requisite will be undertaken by prospective candidate’s of online fashion school mainly to find his or herself in the creative world. Once a student is been registered, the student will be sent a manual or workbook to study their subjects through other media sent by the school.

Although, the pace of learning is dictated by the student band he or she can stick to a personal schedule. This is quite convenient since most people today cannot get enough time to study. Most people who enroll in online fashion schools have jobs that they are engaged in, so they try to take all the time that they can, in order to study. What doing, is what don’t well.

This gives effect to the attribute of the internet in communicating fashion. As test are set, and answers can be sent to the school for checking through E-mail. Some student may decided to cheat, nut the online fashion school employ the system of conducting the test under time pressure and schedule.

So that of student will not be able to cheat. Sometime an administrator may watch the student through a webcam. After completing all necessary activities and ones you have overcome nameless burdens, you will definitely receive a certification from the online fashion school.

The ones is now on you to still pass and or communicate your knowledge in fashion to others around you. Think of it! Fashion involves the creativity of the student and others ready to be informed fashionable.

Creating a Fashion Styling Course Look Book

How ready are you for fashion school?  In addition to the basic items every class will require, do you have a look book?  Do you even know what one is?  Here are some tips for creating a fashion styling course look book.

A look book is basically a collection of tear sheets, swatches and photographs.  This book is the first step to defining your signature style.  This is what you want to hand Nina Garcia and Michael Kors on the runway.  It answers the question: “Who are you as a stylist?”

While training to be an Image or Fashion Stylist, it’s never too soon to begin building this personal collection of visuals.  All you need is a binder with plastic inserts into which you can slip things.  Make sure the pages are not adhesive as you want to be able to add and subtract inspiration with ease.

Section your book into three categories:  Everybody Else, Me Me Me, and Strike A Match.  You’ll be filling these sections with everything and anything you come across that stimulates you visually.  You’re looking for elements that make you salivate; creatively speaking

Everybody Else

What does everybody else think is hot today?  Look through magazines and pay attention to current trends that are influencing the major designers.  This can be anything from color palettes, to fabric combinations, to tailoring.

If it seems like everybody has a Capri pant in their summer collection, tear pictures from magazines that demonstrate this fad.  If you notice that every supermodel on every cover is wearing that same shade of cobalt blue, tear a sample page and save it.

Do you see the same insane knit pattern everywhere?  Find out what it’s called and try to get a sample of the fabric.  If you’re traveling and you observe trends specific to certain locations, definitely take note.  All of this information will be helpful in your fashion styling course.

Me Me Me

If you’re entering this field, you probably have exceptional personal style, and your point of view is just as important as that of current designers.  Every thought or concept that tickles your imagination is important.

This section will most likely be a jumble of ideas, sometimes scribbled on cocktail napkins, and that’s okay.  It doesn’t have to be pretty or organized.  It just needs to capture and safeguard your creative genius.

Say you happen to be getting ready to go out, and you’ve accidentally matched up the outfit of the century.  This is a moment that must be recorded.  Take a picture and memorialize what worked well.

If you do this consistently, you’ll soon discover that you naturally gravitate towards certain combinations.  That’s your signature look!

If you’re hanging out and you get a vision of a white jeans paired with a mesh leotard, write down your idea.  If you’re out shopping and you see a shirt dress, which would work better with some indefinable “itness,” value that inkling.

Don’t be selective, catalog every notion, every crazy and goofy rambling.  You never know which one will result in sheer brilliance.

Strike a Match

In your fashion styling course, one important fact will be highlighted.  The best designers are those who’ve successfully matched current trends with their own signature look.  It’s what the public wants, but your spin on it elevates it to couture status.

In this final section of your look book, mix and match theories and concepts from the first two sections.  Be open to unlikely combinations and magic will happen!

Buy from the best Pakistani clothes and fashion dresses collection

Pakistani clothes are known around the world for the culture it carries in them. They are different from the ones that are available around the world. Like every other fashion around the world the Pakistani fashion keeps on changing with time and reason which different versions of beautiful salwar kameezes can be seen adorned by the women in Pakistan. There are various kinds of salwar kameez that are worn by the women of Pakistan and reason which they tend to keep on changing. In this segment we will bring about the fashion wear and clothes of the Pakistan that you can wear in all the occasions.

The best collection:

When it comes to the collection that is offered by the Pakistani clothes the first thing that comes up in the mind is the salwar Kameez collection. They are totally different from the other kind sof salwar kameez that is available elsewhere. The best part of the Pakistani clothes and fashion dresses collection is that they bring about some of the eye-catching designs that you will see anywhere else. The designs such as dabka, thread work and stone works are very famous when it comes to the Pakistani clothes and fashion dresses collection. The clothing are made on various kinds of fabrics such as satin, cotton, crepe, georgette, silk and many more. One thing that is must when you look for their salwar kameez collection is the prints that they offer. These prints are unique and aren’t much repeated in the next set.

Why they are so popular in the west?

The west has been inclined towards the Pakistani wear for a particular time and reasons of such inclination are simple.

  • The Pakistani clothes are easy to wear and very comfortable. The Pakistani clothes are made keeping in mind the hot weather of the region and they are loosely fitted which means any person of any weight and body type can wear them without any worry.
  • They are full of elegance. The best part of wearing Pakistani wear and reason which they being intensely famous in the west are because the dresses are elegant and come in various kinds of colors. You can at any given point of time choose the fabric that suits your skin and the type.

The Pakistani dresses such as salwar kameez are available in two different forms such as stitched and unstitched. The stitched come in free sizes but if you want to make the salwar kameez according to your choices then the unstitched material are the best ones to get.

There are various online concerns that offer such Pakistani clothes to the people all around the globe and the ones who are interested in wearing the same. If you too are among those who wants to adorn the Pakistani style and fashion statement then it is best to look for the companies that is available in the web based world who offers all kinds of Pakistani wears for their customers.

Fashion Design Major vs Fashion Merchandising Major in Ft Lauderdale

For students interested in fashion school, there are several majors to choose from. One is fashion design, without which a line of clothing would lack style or brand recognition, to say nothing of appeal. Designers consider how clothing will be worn, and by whom. After focusing on age, sex, body shape and lifestyle, they select the perfect fabrics to create garments suited to the wearers purpose. A fashion design major from a Ft Lauderdale art school would be a worthwhile pursuit for someone interested in studying these elements of the fashion industry.

On the other end of the spectrum, but vital to the fashion industry, is fashion merchandising. The heart of the fashion industry is merchandising, Merchandising on a small scale goes on by shop owners. where professionals take products to market, promoting them through buying outlets such as shops, stores, or catalogs. Merchandising on a small scale goes on by shop owners and managers who decide how best to showcase their items for consumers to buy, while on a larger scale, that same clothing is sold to them and larger stores and catalogs by the manufacturers. At all levels, merchandising is required for clothing to be seen and, ultimately, bought.

Why Study Fashion in Ft Lauderdale?

Situated on Florida’s Southeastern Atlantic Coast, Ft Lauderdale has its own fashion vibe. It has always been synonymous with the laid back, comfortable look that defines effortless style. Perhaps that is attributable to a lifestyle enhanced by proximity to the beach and plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. Whether one attends a Ft Lauderdale art school or a Ft Lauderdale Fashion Merchandising School, they will be learning the elements of their profession while surrounded by a beautiful and inspiring location.

Students in a Ft Lauderdale art school are going to receive inspiration from the coastal environment. If taking fashion design classes there, they will undoubtedly be influenced by relaxed colors and fabrics that reflect the mood of their surroundings. Likewise, for students of fashion merchandising, the vibrant Ft Lauderdale retail scene will provide an excellent backdrop for observing firsthand, merchandising on many levels.

Finding the Right Custom Hangers in New York to Ensure Care of Fashion Clothing

For many, getting hangers for their fashion boutique is an ordinary thing and they do not focus on design & quality. But, hangers must be considered as an important investment in clothing care. This is especially the case for haute couture and clothing from designer brands. In fact, the right choice of display accessory might even help show off the shape of the garment when it’s worn.

Before you buy the right hangers for your fashion boutique, you need to choose the right kind. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right custom hangers in New York for your fashion boutique:

Durability: Whether at the backstage of fashion shows or displayed inside a boutique, there is no doubt that clothes on the rack will be handled on a regular basis. This means that the hangers they’re on should be able to endure frequent use as well. Under such circumstances, a flimsy product, no matter how ornate it looks, would simply get broken and become useless. So, you should look for custom hangers that are made of quality materials and offer durability.

Composition: When high-class couture is mounted on a hanger that doesn’t work well with the material, then there are high chances your clothes be ruined. Extremely thin clothes can adhere to the accessory’s shoulders if they’ve got surfaces made for added grip. Although this will keep them from slipping off completely, the garment must be handled gently to prevent damage. To allow ease of use, look for products with features that help hold the clothing properly without making it hard for the customer to handle.
Support – High-end clothes are notoriously known for being made with everything from delicate, ethereal materials, to the heaviest, luxuriously warm wool. No matter how heavy or light the garment is, consider choosing high-end hangers that are made to provide structured support. While light clothes will do best with fabric hangers that help preserve the shape of its shoulders or straps, heavier garments might benefit best with products with metal frames to help show their structure.

Size – Trying to mount a dress or a piece that is too small for a hanger can produce disastrous results since it can ruin the piece completely. On the other hand, choosing one that is too small will cause the garment to fall right off. Aside from these, perfect presentation is a must to make high-ticket items appeal to buyers. The clothes should be free from unwanted folds and wrinkles. These are more likely to happen when you are using ill-fitting display accessories.

Top Tips for Women Fashion

Women with generous curves always find it difficult to find suitable clothes to your body, style and personality. The good news is that you are not doomed to dress in black for ever; with some special fashion tricks you’ll look like you always wanted.

Most important of all is that you feel good about yourself; the rest will only be a result of your state of mind. Once the inside is shining, the choice of clothing and clothing is only a practical question.

One goal of most women, what fashion is concerned, is to camouflage some parts of your body that are pleasing too. On the other hand, divert attention to your strengths is a pretty clever way to feel good under your own skin.

Then I leave a small manual for fashion tricks:

Mange and neck: If you want to hide plump arms, always choose clothes with sleeve, loose and flowing more preferably not squeezed when you move. Handkerchiefs, scarves and beautiful necklaces are great as draw attention to your neckline and divert attention from the other parties.

Jeans and heels: When you buy a cowboy jeans, always choose the darker tones and the challenge cut, leaving the hem touching the top of your feet; this simple trick will make you look thinner like magic. The sandals and heels are excellent allies to reduce your measurements as they give printing more thin legs and a sleeker silhouette. The heels should be proportionate to the body, when fatter you are, the thicker it should be your heels. If there is a classic in the fashion which will probably never be out, it’s the jeans. What was invented in the 1950s by Levi Strauss as sturdy work clothes for the gold rush in San Francisco has become fashionable perennial favorite. The substance remains the same, only the shapes and cuts are changing. There were the shock jeans skinny jeans and high waist jeans and today sets probably nobody in jeans to “enter” into the bathtub. Currently, although the tight jeans are not out, but a lot of hip are currently in women the so-called “boyfriend jeans”. These jeans are, as the name suggests, cut as if they were men’s jeans. Pants that we women could have stolen even our friend out of the closet. Especially this year comes to still the trend, he “Ripped Jeans”, thus the broken and tattered, the better. The subtle crack on the knee is given way to large holes and the fashion is among us contributed to very high and delicate shoes.

Tunics and leggings: This type of blouse is perfect to hide your trunk points, takes the cold season to mix with dark leggings. Always buy items from your exact size to avoid leftovers provide more visual volume.

Most essential tips:

Stripes: vertical always be your best friends, they sharpen the silhouette.

I eaves: this type of cut conceals hips and thick legs while marking his waist and favor the silhouette

Necklines: all chubby women have breasts and a nice neck; take advantage of this resource and the sexy necklines.

Rejuvenate your old clothes with 5 Fashion Hacks

As fashion changes as seasons it is essential to update and refashion your wardrobe. You don’t have to throw your clothes, instead you can bring creativity in your old dresses and create a fashion statement.  Few tips to revamp old clothes and give a jest of life to them.

  • After you buy designer lehenga choli, you don’t get the chance to wear it often. And just stacking your favorite lehenga in your wardrobe would do no good. So, you can bring innovations to your lehenga choli by tailoring it perfectly into stylish anarkali suit. You can stitch the blouse and lehenga together and wear a jacket over it and refashion into jacket style anarkali suit.
  • You can even cut your full length lehenga into knee length skirts and see the way your friends will take cue from your aesthetic senses. Also the heavy dupatta of the lehenga choli can be transformed into a trendy and intricate kurti. This splendid kurti you can team up with your old patiala salwar. This way the kurti will be the highlight of your outfit.
  • If you are bored of your old salwar suit. You can reform the kameez into stylish halter top or cropped top. This cropped top you can mix and match with your old lehenga and create a new outfit. Being creative is synonym to being fashionable. Buy designer salwar suits online for wedding and other happy functions, as the salwar suits have latest designs.
  •  If bored with designer salwar suit combo look then you can match your designer kameez with your jeans or straight pants and bring an enhanced look. You can also convert your long sleeve kurti into different cut sleeve such as puff sleeve, short sleeve or quarter sleeve which will improve the old kurti sleeve into new style kurti sleeve. Also you can dye your plain dupatta in different color and bring a new look to your dupatta. You can also use your dupatta as stole and drape around your neck in different styles.
  • To bring contemporary look to the floor length anarkali suits, you can buy embroidery work jacket and wear it over your anarkali suit. This way your suit will serve dual purpose- anarkali suit as well as layered lehenga. Also you can fashion your saree into gorgeous anarkali suits. You can stitch your rich looking nine yards silk saree into ravishing flared anarkali suits which will give a refreshing look. You can transform your sari into various unique outfits such as skirts, ethnic palazzo pants, maxi dress.

With cuts and styles you can alter your kurti into a stylish western dress. This way you will add an appeal to your wardrobe. Shop online to buy latest designer salwar suits online.

These designer suits have mesmerizing designs and work which accentuates the look of the person. Among designer salwar suit, patiala salwar suits are very famous. Patiala Salwars are generally 3 to 3.5 meters in length and with this length you reform the salwar into trendy kurti. Surprised? Yes, you can remove the stitches of your salwar and ask your tailor to style up into authentic kurti with fashionable neck patterns and sleeves.

Designer Sherwani: Crafted In The Fashion Trends Of Bollywood

The Indian Film Industry or Bollywood is very famous across the world for its amazing off beat movies, drama, thriller, action & music. Apart from this, its fashion trends have also made millions of people crazy. The fashion trends of Bollywood have influenced the life of millions. So, people just love to copy the style of their favorite actors & actresses.

The Bollywood is considered as the trend setter in terms of fashion. The people just love to wear the outfits that are designed in the exact replica of Bollywood shades. This has given new notion to the designers to create their collection with the touch of these fashion trends.

The talks about Bollywood is incomplete without discussing the style icon Salman Khan. Everyone remembers the famous song “Aake Bharlo Bajuo Mein” of the blockbuster movie “Lucky-No Time for Love”. Salman was looking exceptional in the designer sherwani. The bright red color along with the appealing designs perfectly boosts the charm of the actor. The shape of the outfit was also very attractive. This has given the new designing concept to the artists. With this, they started crafting their collection in impressive color combinations. Along with this, the designers started creating their designer sherwanis in the form of the long coats that are perfect to wear with the trouser shape pajama.

Apart from transforming the shape of the sherwani & pajama, the designers also started using decorative items in offering appealing looks to their collection. They started using heavy artwork of embroidery in which decorative items like sequins, beads & stones were used extensively in order to offer additional charm to the collection.

The Bollywood songs are definitely incomplete without the actor wearing the designer sherwani. No one can forget the famous song “Dupatta Tera” of the blockbuster movie “Partner”. Both Govinda & Salman were looking sensational while wearing these attractive outfits. The heavy embroidery along with the impressive color, makes both of the actors look great.

In the famous movie “Lingaa” blockbuster actor of the south “Rajinikanth” wore the blue colored Designer Sherwani perfectly reflects the popularity of this outfit. With this, one can easily guess that this appealing outfit is highly popular not only in India but also in every corner of the world.

The designers are using innovative cuts along the collar & neckline in order to give an appealing touch to the collection. Apart from this, the designers are using fascinating color combinations in compliance with the artistic work so that their collection looks unique. The heavy artistic work helps in creating impressive motifs in order to meet the diverse taste of the buyers.

In order to get the royal look it is recommended to wear the designer sherwani along with the trouser cut pajama & the nagra shoes. To add more charm also wear attractive color stole. This will help you in standing out from the crowd. Apart from this, it will also reflect the rich culture of the country.

Get the all-round Fashion clothes for women to enhance the beauty

Women love to wear clothes, clothes of various varieties and look. You might have often seen that in spite of the fact that a woman’s wardrobe is full with clothes they tend to feel that those are not enough. With the changing times and fashion the style in clothes and look tend to change. This is when the fashionable clothes for women come in to play. These kinds of clothes are made to look good on them.

The types of fashionable clothes that is available:

When it comes to the fashion clothes for women then there are so many options to choose from. The Clothes that the women tend to wear are made to keep in pace with the ever changing fashion scenario and this is the reason that choice of clothes for women change in every season. But still there are fashion clothes for women that are always in demand irrespective of the time. be it the 70’s or the 80’s or even the present 2015 dungrees are among those kinds of clothing that is available for women that has been in the fashion for a long time now.

Also a little black dress or a crop top is equally in demand for the choices that it offers. You can choose from the wide variety and designs and also look when it comes down to such clothing. There are various options in the top section which you can choose which change but not that much. This present age offers dresses and clothes that are unique and looks good on women of all kinds of figures such as the maxi dress. Such dresses are available in all the markets are very popular among the customers.

If you have been thinking of trying the maxi dresses then you definitely should because such dresses are made in such a way that they can change the look in seconds of wearing them. But it is essential on the part of the individual to find an appropriate company so as to buy such clothing especially on the internet.

Choosing the company:

There are several companies that you can find in the internet world and all these companies make it a point to offer the best to the customers. The company makes sure that they are in fashion and whatever they offer are the best for the customers. The website that such companies have, displays the collection and by going through the collection you can decide on the clothes that you want for yourself.

But it is up to as a customer to decide as to which company to go with from so many options that are available in the market. You can do your research on the company and then only decide whether to go with them because always remember that this is company that sells clothes and when it is about clothes then quality is all that matters which can change the whole equation.

Fashion Tips on How to Dress Your Body Shape

The first step to looking your best in your clothing is to know your specific body type and apply certain fashion tips accordingly. Not all trends, designs, colors and fabrics flatter every figure, so it’s essential to be able to steer clear of fashions that don’t do your figure any justice.

Dressing Your Body Type Correctly

While it may be tempting to buy clothing for the figure you wish you had, the fact is that you should dress the body you have in the best way possible. Arguably, all women have an area on their body that they aren’t too happy with, which is fine, but just remember that even your perceived flaws can be dressed to look pretty nice by choosing the right clothing for your body type. Be honest with yourself; if you have a bit of a tummy, don’t buy something extra clingy in that area and think that you can hold your stomach in the whole time you wear it. Fashion should be comfortable; if it’s not, you won’t feel as confident, and confidence is always the most important thing to wear.

All Shapes And Sizes

  • Pear Shape: Women who belong to this category have a narrow upper body, with a heavier bottom and thighs.
  • Apple Shape: In this case, women have a broader upper body with a narrow bottom. Women with this body type tend to put on more weight on the middle area.
  • Boyish/ Athletic Shape: This shape refers to women with a narrow figure overall. Weight is evenly distributed in such cases.
  • Hourglass Shape: A narrow waist with the upper and lower body in great proportion is what an hourglass shape is all about. This shape is like a dream come true for many women.

These were the basic body shapes, and there can be variations in this depending upon each woman. The trick lies in enhancing the positive points.

Clothing Shapes for Pear Body Types

The key to dressing a pear body type is to draw attention to your upper body while deemphasizing your lower body to create a balanced appearance. Your neck and shoulders are two of your best assets. Strapless dresses and tops look good on you, however, to create a more curvaceous effect add volume to your upper body by mixing and matching suggested separates.

Fashion Tips for Rectangles

This body type is all about creating curves, so light and bright colors are welcomed because they naturally make your body look bigger because they reflect the light. Dark hues work as well, and will outline your silhouette, but they will slim you down instead of providing the illusion of curves.

Prints and patterns also create the same effect as light/bright colors, so give your rectangle shape a curvier appearance and feel free to wear them big and bold. Rectangle shapes can actually handle bold prints and patterns the best because they don’t have curves to break up the silhouette.

Clothing Shapes For Hourglass Body Types

The key to dressing an hourglass body type is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body while accentuating your waist. If you are comfortable doing so, you can wear form fitting clothing (such as a tube-type dress) and accentuating your waist by adding a wide, dark belt. However, to create an even more curvaceous effect add a bit of volume proportionally to your upper and lower body by mixing and matching suggested separates.

International Institute of Fashion Design & Top fashion Schools

A lot of women out there believe that winter season limits our chances to look fashionable. While crop tops and short skirts leave a lot of room for experimentation and innovation, women find sweaters and jackets as “wear-as-they-are” materials.

Further, it is also a common notion that those who have studied in the fashion schools have a better sense of fashion and can do better when it’s about dressing up. While studying in a fashion school does make you more aware of the ongoing trends in the fashion industry, you do no always require a degree in fashion to look stylish all the time.

The top fashion schools of the nation believe that the concept of fashion goes beyond its physical aspect. It’s not just about following a particular set of patterns it’s also about utilizing our creativity to develop our own trends- because fashion comes from within.

So let us break two notions today. The following list would help you believe that there’s a lot that you can do in winters to look fashionable. Also, since the list doesn’t follow a set of rules learnt inside a fashion institute, you can make your own trends too.

•    Why get rid of the dresses: Winters are the times when we pack our summer dresses back in the closet. We often think that our thin frocks would be of no use in the chilling winters. But we can always consider wearing tights underneath and woolen shawls above it.
•    Let the layers do the talking: You can use your summer materials to layer yourself up. A crop top, for example, can be layered over with a denim shirt and multiple stoles around the neck. Then, you can match the look with an attractive pair of boots which would make you look way too stylish for the winters.

•    Scarves are all-season accessories: While we are talking about using summer clothes in winters, how can we forget about flaunting our scarves. You can use your scarves as headgears to protect yourself from the mild wind. You can also use your scarf as belt around your long chic sweater.

So whether or not you’re into a top fashion institute & Best Fashion Design institute likeinternational institute of fashion design, keep experimenting with your clothes and accessories to generate new elements of fashion. Wear what suits your body, personality and mood- and then you’re good to go!

Amazing Dressing Ideas and Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Petite women do not always have to go with few fashion preferences. With the whole new uprising in custom clothing they too can wear what they want. They might not be able to wear anything from the rack but customization gives them freedom to select their own favorite dresses and order them in their dimensions.

Petite does not necessarily mean short and slim. It simply put across for women who are either 5’4 or under. So for petite dresses, clothing is done keeping that dimension in mind. Whether you are size sixteen or size zero, if you are shorter then petite dresses are worth a try. The dresses normally have slender shoulders and tiny inseams.

Despite such a great advancement of trends, there is still lot of issues finding right clothes for petite women. However with some research you can find dresses to comfort your body in a flattering way indeed. If you are a petite women and looking forward for astounding petite women dresses then you can have your dress according to your body size & height only at They make each product by hand after receiving the order according to each individual body size measurement details and custom style preferences

There is a whole range of custom petite women dresses at Lurap for you. You can customize your dresses according to your dimensions and you have your dress at just a few clicks away from you. There are certain things in life, which we cannot change, and body size is one of them.

Gone are the days when everything would look good on someone tall only, it’s time where you can create and craft your fashion sense. At Lurap, there is a freedom to get custom petite women dresses in just a few simple steps. All you need is to select your dress, share your size details, place an order and get your dress right at your door.

The most important mantra in the fashion world is to wear everything with elegance and confidence. If you are a petite woman, you don’t have to wear dresses to look tall. Wear your style on your shoulders with brilliant custom petite women dresses from online store Lurap. Try to wear V-line clothes and avoid oversized bags. During the time of high colors in fashion, petite women should go for monochromatic to alleviate appearance.

Looking for the latest collection in petite women dresses? Lurap has a wide collection of custom dresses foe petite women. So, next time when you see your friends going gaga over your petite saga, startle them with your new fashion flair.

Enjoy the best arrival of latest fashion clothes this summer

The season is getting vey cold and cold winds are blowing everywhere. Summers are over, now everyone is waiting for something new. Let’s say for new arrivals clothes for the winter. The latest clothes especially for those women who always tend to be fascinated on the latest fashion trends. For them this is a golden chance and they will never miss this chance. It’s high time to pack and store all summer clothes somewhere and starts shopping for the new arrivals clothes with latest fashion trends for this autumn season.

If you are a traveler and have no notion as to where to get good deal on clothes or from where to buy new clothes style apparels, this article is of more importance to them. The latest voucher has collected lots of data In order to offer their valuable customers the best shopping experience. You can choose from the best brands of apparels like Allen Solly, Peter England, and United Colors of Benetton and have those attractive new clothes style collections with great discounts and any special deals for the best savings.

During every changing season we find some or the other sale going on o apparels. So with all this if you get the latest clothes that are in fashion lately and in addition at a sale like for example buy one get one free offer or get the latest fashion shirts at half the price would be a great opportunity for you to buy them. Choosing latest clothes that are in fashion is 100% the best choice for those who love clothes. By this way they can show their latest fashion trends.

Some good and branded stores who keep discount on clothes every season are Peter England, Lee and Levis Jeans for men and women. These stores offer huge stocks of latest clothing for men and women that also comprise of shoes, handbags, dresses and many more. One of the best advantages of shopping from these branded stores is that we can find both trendy and fashionable collections at a same time. This is another mechanism men usually are not aware of unless they are not shopping lovers like women. When new clothes arrive at the market they look fresh and also at a discounted rate, so purchasing latest clothing for men and women garments at a good deal can be beneficial to you.

Also consider buying clothes women during off season as you will get them at discounted prices. So if you are planning to buy winter clothes during summer and store them you can get good deal and best discounts as well on them. We often find smart shoppers wont purchase clothes during holiday seasons, but during off season. For instance we know that all outfits during Diwali or Christmas would be expensive so they will wait for the festival to complete and then buy them to avail discounts on these clothes. Sometimes we find that after any festivals there are crazy sales and discount up to 70% to 80% on all garments for both men and women.

How Retailers Can Buy Trendiest Wholesale Clothes in UK?

Fashion clothing suppliers need to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in the market to survive and succeed in the industry. Fashion retailers also need to look for the wholesalers and suppliers to find the sources for buying fashion clothes at competitive prices, so they can also earn profits while offering those products in retail market. Many fashion clothing suppliers in UK nowadays prefer to buy trendy wholesale clothes from pound line suppliers in UK. These suppliers offer low cost lines to make it easy and profitable for retailers to buy fashion clothes.

Low cost lines are products offered in bulk at cheap prices by wholesale suppliers. These products are often bought by retailers to make further profit on sales when products are sold in the retail markets. Today, there are wholesalers all across UK offering discount lines to retailers.

Wholesale market in UK has been tremendously changed in the last few decades. These wholesalers nowadays employ fleets of lorry drivers to deliver goods all around the country. Many of them also offer specialized services called drop-shipping that allows retailers to buy goods from wholesalers directly delivered from the manufacturers. It allows manufacturers to make more money, while wholesalers can save on on-going costs as they don’t need to pay for warehouse charges.

Low cost lines are popular for buying daily essentials like grocery, electronic items and even fashion clothes. Pound line suppliers deal in a wide range of products to meet the varied need of its customers. If you are looking for fashion clothing at the best prices, it is recommended to look for renowned and reputed pound line suppliers in UK.

Pound Line suppliers usually stock a wide range of products to be distributed among pound shops, specialist stores, retailers etc. They generally carry a wide variety of wholesale fashion clothing for men, women and children. Many of them carries a great selection of items suitable as pound lines including gardening gloves, licensed socks, neon magic glove, leg warmers, sports insoles and lot more. Nowadays, it is possible to easily order online and get your products delivered to their store or warehouse.

Pound line suppliers usually offer quality goods at low prices to importers, wholesalers, pound shops, distributors, e-bay sellers, amazon sellers, market traders, agents & various other retailers.

In the last few decades, there has been increase in the competition in the industry. This is forced pound line suppliers to constantly improve and increase the stock lines to increase their customer base and overall sales.

Most of the reputed pound line shop suppliers offer their products online to assure easy, secure and fast delivery of all the products. It is easy for retailers to create their profile on the website of pound line suppliers and avail several discount deals and incredible bargains.

Pound lines are great platforms for retailers to find the bargain deals on almost everything. These low cost airlines have proven to be beneficial for all including consumers, wholesalers and fashion clothing retailers.

Luxury Fashion Designers Cloth for Men and Women

The fashion market is getting hotter and smarter these days, bringing huge collections on various apparels, designer clothes, handbags, jewelry and other fashion stuffs.  Now for casual get-togethers, men and women have good number of options related to style and personality. It’s the desire to look for the absolute best that creates you to look for luxury designers’ collection. During festival and holidays, circumstances force us to develop a good impression in the minds of people around us that can be partner, relatives or colleagues in your company. With luxury fashion dresses, you can feel like driving towards the era of style. This methodology upbeat time get all eyes itself while utilizing incredible assortment of social get-together and dress just like some of the famous celebrities.

Including flawless together with stunning embellishments these sort of will make a critical lingering result amid the psyche and even inside from the gathering dresses onlooker. Take a look into the internet medium, you can get flawless stunning dresses in this coming New Year season that you basically have ceaselessly pined to purchase. You can become a real diva and furthermore uncover your style desire on clothing types. There are unlimited alternatives of ladies’ dresses, every fitting for a particular event. According to the diverse body sorts, inclinations, hues, ladies have a wide decision for dresses.

Ladies’ design is always showing signs of change; so there are scopes of upscale dresses that offer ladies some assistance with sporting most recent style. You can likewise profit from extensive variety of shirts, informal breakfast dresses, night dresses, easygoing tops, coats, skirts, gathering wears, club tops, club dresses, scarf, tunics, shoreline dresses, totes, and footwear and style adornments for ladies. Luxury designers clothes online is a help for both, men and ladies. Where ladies can discover unending styles of garments and adornments, men can likewise locate the same notwithstanding contraptions and the most up and coming gadgets they try to have.

What’s more, what is better is that mold online is entirely simple to handle. In the event that you know how to surf on the web, which the vast majority of us do, you will be effortlessly ready to locate the best form related sites that even offer best clothing arrangements. Luxury fashion design has become a tremendous business sector in itself, has discovered its specialty on this planet on web shopping as well and we can without much of a stretch say that it arrives to sit tight. As a finished result, with a little alert and brilliance, the universe of style is presently yours to manage with the assistance of web shopping.

Fashion Designing: Art of Sparkling Impression

Fashion Is Important

In today’s scenario the world is changing with each upcoming trend and wants to be on top of that. One of the most popular trend to which everyone get attracted is fashion and wants to incorporate all its follow ups. To match up with the current fashion environment one can take learning from various fashion designing institutes and explore their talent. Always choose the best fashion designing college in Delhi.

Fashion designers are not only restricted to design clothes that are worn by celebrities. It is something that adds natural beauty and design to various conventional styles along with the accessories that everyone can adopt according to his or her taste. Nowadays, these institutes like interior designing institute in Delhi are very popular among the youth because they find it an interesting area to work on and dream to make it big in the world of designing.

Fashion design is influenced by social and cultural environment and varies from time to time and place. Fashion designing institutes should work and provide training in such a way that it should match up with the customer taste and should be evergreen. They help you with every kind of design either it’s for party or casual purpose.

Every fashion designer has their own way of doing work. Some like to sketch their ideas on paper while others work on a fabric. When the designer feels satisfied that they have completed their work by their end then they hand over their work to professional pattern maker to give finishing. The next step is to try and test their dress on a model to get a final look and accuracy.

It depends on the designer that they want to work alone or as a part of team. Team work obviously makes your work easy with fast delivery. They hold a wide range of materials to work with and also variety of colors to choose from and making wonderful contrasts.

Fashion can be divided into three categories:  

1. Haute couture– It is mainly for individual customers and is quite expensive in terms of fabric and techniques used in it. It is also time consuming.

2. Ready to wear– As the name suggests, it’s the ready to wear clothes i.e. these are the clothes that are designed according to season such as summer, winter, spring etc. Most popularly, they are mainly used in the fashion week.

3. Mass Market- Most of the clothes such as casual and day to day wear is designed for mass market. They get their work done with the help of machine to save time and money.


So enrolling in the jewellery designing course from the best institute and making career in the same is not only a great source of income but can also make you achieve higher. By your hard work and talent, you get chances to design clothes and accessories even for VIPs’ and celebrities. So this is the right time to make it big in the world of fashion designing.

No matter whether you have decided to go for jewellery designing course or interior designing course in Delhi, you should always look for an institute which offers 100% placement.Keep all these tips in mind to make the best choice.

Fashion Tips for Plus Size Petite Women


Most petite size women have a difficult time finding clothing that fit them well. That is because there is a limited amount of clothing that is available. It is even more difficult for a woman that is petite plus. Although many retailers will cater to plus size women, they may limit the amount of petite plus size clothing that is available. What can you do if you are petite plus to make the most out of your size? Here are a few tips that you would want to consider.

Compromise – If you are petite plus, you may be able to use regular size clothing in unique ways. For example, many petite women who are plus sized use regular sized Capri pants as the perfect pants for them. An additional example would be a very short skirt for a woman who is considered “regular size”. This may fit you around the waist well and it may be low enough that it could be considered a moderate dress. Don’t be afraid to try on regular size clothing to see what is going to fit for you. In many cases, you will be able to use regular size clothes without even going to the tailor. No one ever has to know that it is not a petite plus specific style.

Local Tailors – Although we just discussed the possibility of using regular size clothing without tailoring it, there may be times when you need something tailored. This is especially true when you have limited choices, as you do when you are petite plus. You may be able to use a wide variety of clothing and you don’t need to frequent shops that are specific to your size. You may find, however, that the pants leg may be a little bit long or perhaps the sleeve of the shirt hangs a bit too low. This is going to be simple work for a local tailor who can hem the clothing for you so that it is the perfect fit.

What Is Your Favorite? – It is likely that you have a favorite store that has clothing which typically fits your frame. Although it is nice to search elsewhere from time to time and see what is available, don’t overlook your favorites as a way to continue to get the clothing that you need. There are a variety of retail stores that don’t necessarily cater to petite plus women but their collection may be best for you. Check out some of the larger, popular chains in your area to see if there is one that is right for you.

Be Yourself – Just because you fit into a category that has limited choices does not mean that you need to make the same choice as every other woman that is petite plus. There is a lot of room for individuality, especially if you are able to think outside of the box. Try to develop your own style that fits your personality and stick with it. It is likely that you will be able to find the clothing that is right for you when it is in a specific style.

Blue color printed suit or Salwar Kurta in Indian fashion trends: then and now!

North India has been the center of political struggles for centuries. Although, several rulers have come and gone, it has remained a hugely significant political center. This has resulted in a very rich culture made up of diverse communities and religions that have influenced each other enormously. The clothing fashions explore its multi-cultural nature. Though, several popular north Indian outfits, like the Punjabi suit or the salwar kurta, are quite traditional, they have developed over the years to meet the demands of each new generation. The end result is a tremendous amount of variety in terms of designs and colors.

The most famous casual wear garment for men that is worn across Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and several other north Indian states is the salwar kurta. The Blue color printed suit is worn by women, though women normally go for the more feminized salwar kurta. This outfit was at first only worn by men as a casual wear outfit, preferred because of its versatility and comfort. In today’s fashionable world, the modern salwar kurta is preferred by both men and women. The kurta is worn alone with trousers or jeans. There are numerous varieties of the salwar kurta, loose fitting garments in neutral tones to the designer, from the classic, modern versions with fitted silhouettes.

Today Color printed suit in delhi is in a huge trend in both Indian and western fashion. It is considered an Indian version of the stylish and comes in a plethora of numerous patterns, colors, designs fabrics, necklines and sleeve styles. It has become as famous as the Punjabi salwar kameez, especially for casual wear amongst the younger generation, in north India. The kurta can be worn as a casual wear as well as special occasions depending on the luxury and richness of the outfit. It is occasionally paired up with fusion garments like the Nehru jacket to create a smart, formal look. The Nehru jacket and The kurta combination is one of the most desired and famous wedding ensembles for men in north India, along with more traditional garments like embroidered sherwanis and the silk salwar kurtas.

The emergence of online store or portals has literally changed the face of fashion in India. Many of these classic outfits have become famous and in-demands across India. Prior to the innovation of web world, buying your desired outfits were only possible when you visit to the nearby stores or shops and it was quite time consuming and frustrating, but in today’s scenario one can buy garments online sitting at home at huge discounted price.

Get Men Shirts in Hi-Quality Fabrics & Latest Fashion Trends

The changing trends in the fashion industry is giving a push to the lifestyle and thought process of the common people. In India, people are constantly adopting the modern trends and new designs to get a smart look. The fashion industry has revolutionized the way people wear clothes. Smart and chic formal shirts, pants, jeans, T-shirts, and apparels of different kinds are flooding the market in a big way. In this era, fashion has touched the lives of men, women, and children of all age groups. People remain in search of the latest fashion clothes and want to look stylish among their friends and society. Usually, India is a big hub of fashion and garment industry and there are innumerable textile firms, and reputed fabric brands, which are continuously manufacturing a variety of high quality fabrics and stitched clothes for their customers around the world.

In India, people of every age are diverting towards the latest fashion wear, casual wear, formal clothes and other stylish clothes & accessories which are worn at different occasions. For instance, most men in India remain in search of high quality shirts, pants, trousers. Among them, shirts are main attractions. The shirt manufacturers in India have been dealing with a wide range of customers in India, as they are in search of top-quality designer shirts made up of good fabric. They never compromise with the quality and fashion trends in shirts, and love to experiment with different patterns including stripes, checks and other prints.

There are many gents shirts suppliers and makers available in India. They are involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of shirts made up of materials like cotton, silk, wool, linen, jeans etc. Most men like to wear shirts made up of different kind of fabrics. The shirt makers develop and design fashionable as well as formal shirts for men in all sizes, designs and styles as per their requirement. Every street and marketplace is flooded with stitched and non-stitched shirts for men. Hence, the varieties are huge and one has ample option to choose the best one amidst the glut that suits you and compliment your personality. Below is the list of some highly demanded shirts for men in India-

Cotton Shirts For Men
In India and around the world, most men like to wear shirts made up of cotton fabric. In India, one can easily find the widest range of shirts made up of cotton material in different sizes, colors, designs and looks. Here, the designs and colors can be found in a huge variety, so that men have ample options to choose from. Cotton made shirts are always good in quality and have long shelf life. Find shirts in cotton for office wear, party wear, and in different styles at top-notch shirts stores in India. The price ranges of cotton shirts may vary in terms of their designs, quality, and sizes.

Silk Shirts For Men
Many men are keen to wear stylish looking shirts made up of silk material. As silk is always a soft and stunning looking fabric, the shirts made up of silk are always impressive and lightweight. Men prefer silk shirts to wear on special occasions like parties, functions and other romantic moments. Find silk shirts for men in vibrant colors, designs and shades at best known cloth emporiums in India. Many reputed brands have also launched their latest collection of silk shirts in all sizes and designs for men who want to remain in style. They can approach the right cloth shops in India and grab ultimate collection of silk shirts at affordable prices.

Likewise above shirts, most men love to wear shirts made up of jeans, wool, linen and other materials that are also available in distinct designs, styles and colors. Interested men can approach the finest cloth shops in India and can find the desired shirts easily.

Courses for fashion design and interior design in Pune

Have you been showing lot of interest in fashion designing and interior designing since school time? Are you passionate about fashion designing and creating your own designs and concepts for fashion industry? If yes, then all you need to do is find the colleges that help you pursue your dreams in fashion industry.

In a city like Pune, fashion designing courses are offered by many colleges. However, INIFD (Inter National Institute of Fashion Design) is India’s leading fashion and design education institute which has over 180 centers across India and over 1 Lac pass outs with approximately 15000 students passing out every year. INIFD stands out from the crowd due to its highly experienced teaching staff and well equipped fashion design laboratories. The institute has good infrastructure and aims at molding students in to fashion designing professionals with sound knowledge and industrial experience.

For students who are in search of fashion designing in Pune, INIFD is a one of the most recommended institutes. Fashion designing curriculum is designed in such as way that the students get in depth knowledge and understanding about the designing concepts s as to create concepts that are unique and of good quality. Students who have the flair of sketching and designing are well trained at INIFD where they are given the much needed platform to explore and learn about the latest trends in fashion industry.

The interior design courses are offered in many institutes in Pune. The students who are planning to pursue a career in interior designing can opt for the interior design courses at INIFD. The institute provides its students with an urban campus of classrooms, laboratories and studios that reflect the most advanced educational and professional practices. The teaching faculty comprises of the experts from the glamour industry who have rich hands on experience in the designing & fashion industry along with the professional management staff.

If you are creative and want to be a fashion/interior designing professional in future, then INIFD is the right institute that can help you make you utilize your talent to the fullest by polishing your skills and enhance your abilities through knowledgeable teachers who work efficiently with students to come up with their best works in designing. The students are given the freedom to experiment with their creativity and explore the latest trending designs and also create new trends and find answers to all their doubts in designing.

The effect of clothing brands in India on fashion trends

Clothes were initially meant for covering and protecting the fragile human physiology from the harsh environment, have seen a whole lot change along the years. After all these changes, clothes have evolved to almost become the external sheath of the human skin which has an elaborate effect on the personal aura of the individual. Today the societal scenario is in a state where the first impression of a person is derived from his external appearance making it extremely important that this aspect of personality be given attention.

India is the seventh largest country area-wise and has population only second to China. This population accounts roughly for 17% of the world population and therefore has an overwhelming effect on the general utility items including clothing. The market size is so extensive that it has the ability of practically overturning and maneuvering the entire market strategy and therefore, a strong grip in this market is considered one of the most coveted industrial targets. In addition to the present domestic clothing brands in India, many international majors are also trying to cut a piece of this pie for themselves. This increased competition in the market is a boon for the contemporary customer whose options have drastically increased along with the quality on the economical scale as well.

The major portion of Indian clothing market is concentrated around the youth of the country which forms a major chunk in the overall populace. The fashion savvy young fragment of the Indian market has shown extreme enthusiasm when it comes to adopting trending fashion and vogue. This part of the market is also susceptible to the brand talks and is responsible for actually raising and holding the status of any brand name in the market. Giordano India is one such favoured brand.

This Hong Kong based multinational brand has a legacy of bringing new trends to the South Asian region. It deals in all kinds of fashion merchandise and has made a good name in the market with its wide range of items spread over different segments. Its range of products includes t-shirts which are designed according to the raging global fashion trends. The range of products under Giordano t-shirts is quite varied as it contains both basic polo t-shirts and the youth preferred graphical tees. The variety in its product range is at the root of its success in the Indian market.

Any business dealing in consumer products is based on a faithful consumer base which understands its brand value and repeatedly deals in the products. Same is the case with clothing market which is highly dependent upon the consumer discretion and perception of the product. Youth is the major contributor in this market and thus, the brands which are able to hold on to the right nerve of the young people are more likely to succeed.

Pick your Own Fashion Style With Rimyrah The Best online clothing stores for women

Wanna Shop online womens clothes and thinking from which website to buy? Then buy from, the best online clothing stores for women. Rimyrah offers the wide collection of fashion apparels, jewelry and other accessories including handbags, belts, footwears, sunglasses and much more at Rimyrah., creates the apparels and accessories that women not only appreciate, but express to as well. Each woman’s choice is not just fixed to the continuing trend and new styles, but also involves how she feels every day.  So, keeping this in mind, each collection is of different designs, style and fashionable to meet your mood. From modish tops to the style statement making dresses. Rimyrah has got a wide range of designer online women’s clothing and trendy patterns to look glamourous this season.

Rimyrah is the best place for doing online shopping women’s clothes as it serves several advantages over the other stores. Attractive discounts, economical prices, easy return policies, on time delivery and safe and secure delivery are some of these advantages.

Explore the wide collection online womens clothing at Rimyrah and shop the style that suits you best. Create your own unique style with the best dress collection at Get your dressed paired with accessories and clutch and put a million dollar smile on your face.

Rimyrah is the perfect destination for the fashion lovers who are looking for the best online clothing store for women. The site offers the widest range of dresses, tops, tees, jumpsuits, gowns, shirts, shorts, two piece sets, coats and sweatshirts.  Each of the outfit is well crafted and designed by highly skilled craftsmen and designers.

Here, you can get endearing dresses which are being developed by making use of the highest quality fabrics and materials incorporated with the premium  tailoring and perfect finishing. Apart from offering the great quality online women clothing option, the store offers these designers outfits at highly economical rates. is the fashion hub of the stylish-fashionable Indian Girls. It is one of the stores where women’s would love to hang around because they keep on changing the trend every alternate day.

Be the most stylish woman now and explore the collection at Rimyrah, buy a party dress online of western wear clothing for women and shop for the styles that makes you feel perfect. Now shop online and have a fabulous collection in an affordable range. Create your own visual style with a unique party outfit and western wear and get it paired up with accessories and clutch that puts that million dollar smile on your face.

Bsc and Msc Regular Degree in Fashion Design

Are you an avid admirer of fashion? Do you love expressing your creativity? Are you interested in learning the finer details of the fashion,glamour & creativity? Do you want your creations and designs to be appreciated and worn worldwide? Then you need not to wander anywhere. International School of Design (INSD) is your key to all these aspirations. INSD is one of the best fashion designing Institutes in Delhi.

The fashion designing courses offered at INSD are designed with an eye on fashion and to help the aspiring young minds to learn the detailed art and science of fashion designing. The Fashion design Courses offered at the institute will be helpful to bring you near to the fashion industry.

Fashion designing:

 Fashion designing is an art. It is an art of design and aesthetics. It transforms the natural beauty with clothing and accessories. Many things influence fashion, the cultural and social backgrounds and the know how of whats going around you,all this can influence a mindset towards fashion designing. The new generations have shown great interest in taking up the fashion designing courses as a career because its fun to learn at various institutes like INSD. The new generation is young, talented and creative enough to rule the fashion world. Just a small and right type of guiding light is required.

AIM of Fashion designing courses at our Institute:

To enhance your capacity to create good pieces & turn it into a business by practical training & futuristic learning.If you want to learn the art of fashion then you need to learn it from the leaders in design education.A good fashion design institute, such as INSD helps to channelize,nurture,& give a futuristic approach to further enhance the talents and skills of the young minds. Such institutes are necessary as they help you get the right direction to the creative minds and inculcate the communication skills in order to mould these young minds into a progressive young adult and equip them with all the skills to be successful in the fashion industry.

BSc/MSc in Fashion Design:

Fashion design courses offered at International School of Design include various professional courses. Among these various courses, one of the 3 year undergraduate and 2 year postgraduate courses is the most popular.An all-inclusive 3-year undergraduate program helps students to understand the fundamentals of fashion designing as well as guide them to challenging, yet lucrative field of Fashion and Apparel Design this course is a 3-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

The Master degree course or M.Sc. in fashion design is a 2 year course that strengthens the student skills to think beyond the ordinary & how do make it big in this industry. The course is designed to focus towards academic and industry related research & development. Various interactions with prominent personalities from the Fashion Industry keeps the student of the institute updated with the latest trends in the industry.The research oriented environment provided at the Institute of fashion designing would create a platform to answer questions that may arise and tickle your mind you in the future.

Top Fashion Trends of 2015

So, the other day I heard a bunch of girls in the metro talking about what Alia Bhatt wore to Shahid and Mira’s wedding and how Mira looked effortlessly chic in that blue and white Manish Malhotra ensemble. I couldn’t help but realise the fact that fashion has come a long way since the past years and slowly penetrated into the everyday life of all out there. From shows specially aimed at criticising or appreciating the latest fashion trends, to magazines and event held exclusively dedicated to the most stylish men and women on earth! Fashion has now become a really big deal and people taking making successful careers in fashion just keeps multiplying! From the bridal kings Tarun Tahilianis and Sabyasachis to the quirky Masaba gupta andNida Mahmood, Fashion surely has developed leaps and over the past years. So, while they the girls sat and chatted to glory about how they loved whos dress, I thought to write down about the top fashion trends of 2015, because you  accept it or not, everybody loves to be and wants to be a fashionista. If you too are eager to get out of the plane Jane personality you have been all through your life, try these trends or two and see the difference:

  • The Lob:

Your hair has the power to drastically change the way you look, it can take ages off your face and vice versa. So when it comes to the top hairstyles of the year, the Lob is the new trend! From Taylor Swift to Priyanka Chopra, all of them have been sported rocking the look. While the bobs just end at your shoulder or jawline, the lob can just grazes your shoulders. On bad hair days, you can just put it in a ponytail and you are good to go!

  • The naturals:

While bold red lips ruled last year, this year it’s all about the nudes with the likes of Shradha kapoor and Alia Bhatt inspired make up. So try not to let your face melt with the excessive use of cosmetics on, but rather let it breathe some fresh air with a little BB cream and a dash of lip balm and you are good to go!

  • Midriffs:

It’s the year of the crop tops! Pair it with high waist jeans or just wear it with a beautiful elegant skirt, a stretch of skin felt so revolutionary. No you need not have wash board abs to rock the look, but just the correct pair of jeans  of skirt, which you can pull till the midriff and hide that flab. So go on, rock the midriff girl!

See, it’s that easy, you don’t have to be a part of those Fashion Designing Courses to be fashionable, but just a little fashion consciousness and you are good to go!

Basic tips to choose online fashion store

If you are interested in a fashion store on the web, you may want to think with regard to the realization of a normal internet looking for. If you are interested in a shop to buy in the store, you really should think with regard to visit your local mall, using your eBook local telephone, or by using business directories online. Although the methods mentioned above are looking for great methods to go about finding a fashion store and a number of them than, you certainly do not really know what kind of shops you will find.

That’s why you’ll really want to do much more than just having a fashion store to buy; you really need to choose someone to buy from. When it comes to choosing the perfect fashion store to update your wardrobe, there are many important aspects you really should take into account. One of the many factors that you really should take into account is the stores involved. Fashion retailers come in different sizes, shapes and styles as well. For example, there is usually clothing stores that are designed for the plus size women, youth, women and athletic men, and so on.

And to examine its current gender, as well as its size, you may also want to consider the type of ways of clothes you would like to buy into account. It’s mostly just an individual looking for work clothes or you would like a mix of work clothes and casual clothes? Knowing what kind of clothes and products you want to buy is very useful on the subject to find the perfect fashion store to meet your needs and your needs.

Cost is another factor you should consider when choosing a fashion store to buy. Numerous shops to the procedure that the latest fashion trends and larger are usually quite expensive. Do not you have an unlimited amount of money to invest in a new wardrobe, this can necessarily a problem to meet your needs?

For this reason, it is important that you examine the site of the fashion store or perhaps stores you want to shop from. The program, you’ll probably want to stay on site, but if you are serious with respect to update your current wardrobe to add the latest fashion trends, you may want to make arrangements to go to a store well-known way, even when it is a number of hours apart. In Tryfa, we make an effort to bring the top of fashion on the streets of Paris as well as London and also introduce you to women who most lovingly carry it out.

What are the Top 10 Cities to Study Fashion

The fashion industry has been experiencing a boom in recent years, and this has created a lot of job opportunities for fashion students. If you wish to pursue a career in fashion, you can start by enrolling in a good fashion school. There are numerous fashion schools around the world, and the finest ones are mostly located in cities that have an active fashion scene. Here are the top 10 cities to study fashion:

1) New York City
New York City is widely regarded as the top fashion city in the world. It has one of the strongest fashion infrastructures in the world, and it is home to many outstanding fashion schools. If you choose to study fashion in New York City, you can attend prestigious schools such as Parsons, Fashion Institute of Technology, PRATT, and LIM College.

2) Paris
Paris is one of the major fashion capitals of the world, and it is the place where the most important fashion shows are held. Studying fashion in this city enables you to get first-hand experience of the latest fashion trends. Some of the well-known fashion schools that can be found in Paris include Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale, Esmod, and Studio Bercot.

3) London
London is definitely a great place to study fashion. It hosts the finest fashion shows, and it has an extensive variety of fashion retailers. Most importantly, it offers top-class fashion education through esteemed schools such as Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art, London College of Fashion, University of Westminster, and Kingston University.

4) Milan
Milan is known as the fashion mecca of Italy, and it has a most vibrant fashion atmosphere. There are many schools in this city that provide an outstanding fashion education, including the Isituto Marangoni and Koefia.
5) Los Angeles
As the filmmaking capital of the world, Los Angeles has a huge influence on fashion trends around the world. It is also a preferred destination for those who wish to study fashion, because it is home to excellent fashion schools such as Otis College of Art and Design and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise.

6) Tokyo
Tokyo has long been the number one fashion capital in Asia, and it has produced many famous fashion designers. Some of the leading fashion schools in this city are the Bunka Fashion College and Mode Gakuen.

7) Sydney
Sydney has been gaining recognition as a fashion center, and it is widely considered one of the top fashion cities in the world. It also boasts distinguished fashion schools such as TAFE Institute of Technology and FBI Fashion College.

8) Singapore
Singapore is a leading fashion center in Asia, and it has an excellent reputation for fashion education. The Raffles University in Singapore has produced many award-winning fashion designers.

9) Melbourne
Melbourne is the second most important fashion city in Australia, but it has the best fashion schools in the country. Aspiring fashion designers in Melbourne can attend the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Whitehouse Institute of Design, or Melbourne School of Fashion.

10) Providence
The city of Providence in Rhode Island may not be a well-known fashion center, but it is home to two of the best fashion schools in the world. These schools are the Rhode Island School of Design and Columbus College of Art and Design.

Gread Gift Ideas for Men – Fashion Tips & Trends for Men in 2009

– For Spring & Summer

* Color

Men’s clothing for the spring & summer season has made its mark with the presence of color. There is a strong blue influence which replicates David Hockney paintings during his splash period in the 1960s, and the introduction of pink.

Men’s fashion is having a pink moment in 2008, therefore, defining your masculinity has become more of a challenge this summer. This not-so-typical color sorts the men from the boys, as it takes guts and skill to wear; requiring men to make a modern color statement whilst still maintaining a masculine edge. This can be done by keeping cuts and fabrics very traditional and teaming it with neutral shades, such as white, beige, gray or black.

In addition to being “In the Pink”, the fashion industry is also feeling blue this season. Not the dark navy kind, but the azure blue of David Hockney’s Splash, pool paintings. From Louis Vuitton’s head-to-toe azure Moon Beach collection, on the spring runways to Hockney-inspired Missoni shirts, Hockneyed-Splash sweatshirts, to azure-colored cargo pants and suits. Feeling blue has never been so on-trend.

* Style

In this season, men to wear a dress shirt with a tie for business is suitable for almost all circumstances. In some offices, or outdoor work sites, short sleeves may be appropriate. Look at the example set by your supervisor and respected colleagues. If these people wear short sleeves, then it may be okay in that situation…

When dressing to impress, do not follow the standard of the office non-conformist. Sleeves can always be rolled up if necessary.

Collars come in different styles, usually a normal pointed collar and a spread collar. Spread collars are newer and show a contemporary fashion. The spread accents the tie, and therefore look better with a wider tie. Some shirts have different color collars than the shirt which appears bolder.

Men’s Hoodies make a welcome return as they have been reinvented to form an integral part of your wardrobe rather than a casual cover-up. With some innovative styling this season, hoodies have evolved to become a substitute for a blazer or cardigan, matching your ensemble and being classy enough to take you from beach to bar. Hoodies have become sophisticated enough to be street-savvy garments, layer them over a tee or shirt, or be more adventurous and go for a Juicy Couture hooded leather jacket or an OntFront Sidewalk Tailoring hooded blazer.

On the subject of swimming pools, another look du jour is the combination of trunks as shorts. Wear them as both; saving you that fashion dilemma of having to wear shorts over trunks. Offerings come from labels such as Thom Browne, ADAM, Opening Ceremony, and Shipley & Halmos who have pairs that can be easily teamed with a more formal shirt or blazer.

This is also the season of the lightweight-knit, be it revamped hoody or button-up cardigan. Men also have one less choice to make when it comes to swimming, by throwing on a pair of combi shorts and trunks.

* Men’s Fashion Accessories

Underwears – In the 13th century underwear became an important piece of apparel, and like most fashions, the thong and g-string reappeared in the 1970s on the beaches of Brazil. Unlike the Khoisans of 75,000 years ago, today’s male consumers enjoy a vast array of styles, fabrics and colours to choose from. The evolution of underwear has shaped how we feel and how we look today.

Aside from the above, sitting poolside requires some additional accessories. Nautical caps and deck shoes are right on-trend, so are blue and white manbags. Accessorize your outfit with some fashion-forward, round-saucer shades — David Hockney-inspired eyewear or John Lennon frames.

* Special Tips for Men who has a Big Stomach

– Go for light fabrics and dark colors if you want to slimline your torso.

– Use a belt to nip in your waistline. As long as your stomach does not hang over, contrary to what you might think, this will make you appear slimmer.

– For an instant slimming effect, go monochromatic. Wear a dark color shirt/top and pants with a different color blazer or jacket over the top.

– Horizontal stripes are your enemy rather than your friend. Vertical stripes (although not too wide) will elongate your body, but diagonal ones will also draw attention to your torso, having a widening effect. Pinstripe shirts can be slimming, especially when teamed with dark color pants.

– Large, busy prints in shirts and tees will only serve to accentuate your stomach. According to The Style Bible, look for a smaller (but not too small) print, which is spaced quite a way apart.

– Avoid bulky knits and go for something more slimming like a dark-colored cashmere sweater.

– Long-sleeve T-shirts and shirts will make your body look more proportioned than sleeveless or short-sleeves, which will draw attention to your middle.

– For Fall & Winter



Fall is one of the most exciting seasons for men’s fashion in that it presents a great deal of variety – the cooling weather and tendency towards warmer and more classic colours can present a challenge that we’ll have to examine in order to find a wardrobe that fits the change of seasons.


Traditionally, an eye for colour will benefit any gentleman concerned with style. In Fall 2009, look for browns, blues, and especially shades of orange – orange having made a surprise comeback in recent years that shows no sign of stopping in the near future. When matching colours, remember that most blues, especially lighter to medium hues such as baby blue or french blue, pair extremely well with brown tones – strange but true!

A brown leather jacket would be a premium recommendation in that brown brings a distinct note of style into your overall look and seperates you from the legions of men who simply always opt for the severe looking, and much more common, black jacket. A chocolate brown leather simply ages more gracefully than its darker cousin, and adds a vintage flair.


From sharp-suited silks, to pants following a Balinese, Malaysian and Inidian style, the next year’s collection will be filled with unstructured jackets, loose drawstring and cropped dhoti-style pants.

Men’s wear should feeling casual and relaxed for next season, there is still the air of opulence associated with the label. Jackets in ivory crocodile and chenille cardigans for the torso, sleek silk trousers, and jackets set off with silk handkerchiefs, all are distinctly deluxe in look.

Brown also co-ordinates much better with most jeans, sweaters, and shirts that will be presented to you in the cooler seasons. and a  french blue dress or sport shirt is not only a staple piece of any wardrobe of merit, but will serve you in wonderful stead in a variety of social occasions ranging from a casual date at the local watering hole, a stroll in the park (when coupled with jeans and the aforementioned leather coat), or a high-pressure job interview.

As leather jackets are a forever classical style, so in 2009, leather will still act as one of the most popular fabrics in the fashion industry. A soft, supple material that conforms to the curve’s of a person’s body, leather has a natural sex appeal that is unmatched by any other fabric. Leather is a favorite among the fashion industry, models and musicians.

Given the durability factors, along with the classic, stylish look of leather and the comparative low cost of either, no wonder this item has not only survived as a fashion statement through out history but has also remained a practical choice with universal appeal. So men to choose a motorcycle or bomber jacket can get a feeling that you are never go out of style.


As for accessories, one piece of clothing that immediately springs to mind would be a scarf, worn rather rakishly in the earlier months of fall or perhaps more pragmatically during the bitter cold of a northern winter! Scarves can add a level of distinction and personality to a wardrobe that is often afforded to the wearer via a necktie – it is a centerpiece of the outerwear collection and is something that immediately catches the eye of the passerby.

A wool or cotton scarf is recommended, as silk tends to look rather foppish or effete when worn by most men – and as for colour, the primary suggestion is to either find a tone in the scarf that would tie in nicely with your most commonly worn coat, or simply a scarf that catches your eye and that you rather like. Remember, when it comes to accessories such as scarves and neckties, they are showcases for your sense of style and personality – choose accordingly! Scarves are draped around the waist as belts, or slung casually over the shoulders. Shoes also followed a distinctly Asian style with lace-ups, woven hopsack, snakeskin, and crocodile.

* Great Costume Ideas for Guys on Halloween or a Christmas Carnival

At last ,as the Halloween and Christmas season is coming soon, if you want to get noticed at a fancy dress party,  I’d like to give men some special ideas about costumes for men.

Ghostbuster Costume

A great costume idea for a group of guys who can argue over which one of them gets to be Ray, Peter, Winston or Egon. Grey boiler suits are the starting point. High-end costumers will have proton packs for hire, but an improvised version using backpacks/old drinks bottles and a super soaker can be effective. A new Ghostbusters video game is about to be released, so purchasing Ghostbuster accessories should become easier.

Celebrity Lookalike Costume

For the partygoer who bears more than a striking resemblance to a celebrity ,the lookalike costume is a good choice and will be sure to generate discussion. If the partygoer does not look like anyone famous then they can try some of the more visually recognisable celebs for example

Superhero Costume


Is it a bird, is it a plane? No It’s someone dressed as a superhero on the dance floor. Superhero costumes are easy to find, cheap to hire and always guaranteed to raise a smile. Popular superhero costumes are.

Astronaut Costume

If the partygoer has the money, then the space suit is quite simply the most show-stopping of all the costumes. Generally this costume requires a large rental fee and on top of that a substantial deposit.

Cowboy Costume

Another costume that is very popular with women is the cowboy outfit. It’s quite common, so the wearer should add some unique touches to the costume such as a sheriff’s badge or a wacky colour scheme. The cowboy costume will be available from most fancy dress suppliers.

Sailor Dress Uniform Costume

With its bright white colour, this costume is great for parties that may be using UV lighting. The wearer will stand out from the crowd and will be seen from the other side of the room with ease. Due to its apperances in An Officer and a Gentleman and Top Gun , this costume seems to be very popular with women.

Chippendale Costume

This costume is not suitable for outdoor events that are prone to poor weather. The Chippendale outfit requires only a bow tie, some black trousers and a lot of confidence. The more adventurous partygoer should carry baby oil with them for chest oiling opportunities.

Careers in fashion Design and Interior design

‘It’s beautiful when your career and passion come together’ this line makes a great sense for those who love art and want to pursue their passion as a career option.

Fashion designers are those who develop new styles and products for clothing and accessories. They do this either by creating innovative designs or by acclimatizing the fashion to suit local requirements and buyers while an interior designer will be developing the interiors of homes, offices and other spaces beautiful. A successful Interior designer should be creative and should be able to keep up with the budding interior design styles.

Careers in fashion design

There are various well known Fashion design institutes in Delhi like International School of design or INSD. These colleges offer a wide range of programs and courses in fashion design and technology that will enable you to make successful careers.

Today names like Manish Malhotra,Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar and Tarun Tahliani have become household names. The apparels and accessories they create are sold by their names only. But until few years back, there was not a sole Indian name in the international fashion arena. This is the power of art, creativity, uniqueness and innovation.

These examples ensure a great future in the fashion industry only supported by the aspiring person’s skill and hunger to succeed.

Employment opportunities:

You can get jobs as a professional designer at:

  • Garment Manufacturing units
  • Export houses
  • Boutiques
  • Media houses

Or else you can do freelance work for the fashion houses and can also reward your work by opening a boutique of your own! There are various other job prospects like:

  • Fashion Consultant
  • Cutting Assistants
  • Fashion Stylist etc.

Careers in Interior design

It is the career of those people who have passion about space design and have an artistic point of view.  The interior designer creates beautiful places of space; environment & design keeping in mind the client’s requirement & tastes. Thus he has to work according to the need of the clients to create an environment that the client wants.

Employment opportunities:

There are various opportunities when it comes to jobs for interior designer students. There are various fields that an interior designer can work such as:

  • Residential areas
  • Workplaces/offices
  • Malls
  • Theatres
  • Educational institutes
  • Healthcare centres etc.

You can work as an interior designer, freelance decorator o/consultant or start a business of your own also.

Where to study?

Another question that comes to our mind when we think of fashion design/interior design is the place where the talent can be nurtured and developed to keep the feet of an aspirant on the right track. INSD is one of the best solutions for the students trying to make their mark in fashion & interior design industry.

Careers After Fashion School in urdu

If you are considering going to fashion school to become a fashion designer, you should know that there are many other career paths open to you upon graduation. Fashion designing jobs can be extremely fun and artistically gratifying. However, they are often intense and very competitive. Do yourself a favor and explore all of the career options that come with completing fashion school.People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices Here are just a few to get you started.

■Fashion journalist – For those who have a passion for fashion and for writing as well, fashion journalism could be an even better match for you than fashion designing jobs. Fashion journalists cover industry news and trends, from runway shows to new boutiques. A job like this requires serious writing skills, a natural curiosity and a profound respect for deadlines and producing quality articles. Learning about the industry in fashion school will definitely boost your career as a fashion journalist.

■Fashion stylist – People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting togetherPeople who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not havePeople who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices.People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices

■Fashion marketer – Marketing is all about creating an image of a product or company and broadcasting that image to the consumer. The world of fashion would come to a grinding halt without fashion marketers. Much like fashion journalists, people in fashion marketing must have excellent communication skills. They must also know how to gain and maintain a vast set of contacts.

People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices

Importance of Visual presentation/styling in Fashion

Fashion is a visual medium and thus it is extremely important to present the fashion created-the design, the dress, the accessories etc. and put together in an appealing and attractive manner. Visual presentation and styling is as important as designing as the qualities should be exhibited in a way that talks about the product in a positive way. So, due emphasis is related on this aspect in a fashion designing course.

Visual presentation and styling requires in-depth knowledge of fashion, current trends and accessorizing to present a particular product with the aim of attracting the attention of the buyer and persuading him/her to eventually buy it. We can underline the importance of presentation in an example.  There may be times you walk down a lane with stores having window displays. On such an occasion, you spot a red tunic with a black leggings and there’s a bright red gorgeous bag and there are the  crystal embedded red stilettoes  complementing the dazzling accessory stitchedto the belt. This entire picture makes the dress complete and you just feel like buying it. What is the next thing you do, if finances are taken care of? You simply go into the store and buy it. The purpose of an impeccable visual presentation is served right there! Have you cared to look at the dress if it has been just folded and put on a shelf? Probably, you would have not paid much attention. The former presentation is likely to convert into sales much faster and in an effortless way! So, visual presenters have to work hard to create a fabulous presentation.

There are various platforms other than mentioned in the example above (window display) where you can exhibit your presentation skills such as museum exhibits and showrooms where designs are presented in an attractive manner.  Basically visual presentation is an art which involves creating an inspiring ambience that not onlyinforms people about the design and the product but also persuade them to buy it. Thus, it has a great role in increasing the sales.

Visual presentation should exhibit the idea about the product and tell non-verbally what the product is all about.  It involves co-ordinating products and accessories, Co-ordinating colours and design to create an attractive presentations, making sketches & floor plans (optimum space utilization is highly important in a store and you should have knowledge about it ) etc.Co-ordination of fashion products essentially requires an understanding of fashion. It’s all about effective visual communication and so you need to train yourself in fashion with a new-age fashion course which is in sync with the current trends.To get training and knowledge about such and various other aspects of fashion, you have to pursue a course in fashiontechnology. Choose the best fashion design institute for yourself and get thoroughly trained in every aspect of fashion.

WLCI School of Fashion offers an elaborate industry-oriented course which will equip you with the all the skills that are needed to be a success in the industry. Design, fashion production, fashion marketing, visual presentation and many more are areas are covered in WLCI’s fashion course. The course provides acourse in Fashion Technology which not only covers the designing module but several other areas which help you become a competent professional in the fashion industry.

Fashion Tips For The Melbourne Cup

With Melbourne Cup 2009 only just over one month away things are heating up in the Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009 stakes. As you are reading this decisions are being made on dresses, hats, shoes, suits, and everything else that can be considered fashionable for race day at Flemington.

Tips for Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009:

Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009 is where the money is as many of the noted creations end up in someone else’s wardrobe after the winnings have been cashed, celebrated and slept over.

It isn’t just enough to be dressed smart and fashionably. You also want to make sure the day can be enjoyed without any major hiccups and the following tips should help you make the most of Melbourne Cup Day 2009.

  • When you place your best, do it with the money of others if possible. That way you minimise the risk of losing.
  • Drink sensibly, do remember to sober up with water every now and then between sips of champagne.
  • Take a stack of business cards for new acquaintances.
  • Remember where you live in case you need a taxi ride back to your quarters.
  • Don’t forget your underwear if you consider wearing a dress. Wind gusts can make you look real dumb if the dress takes on a life of its own.
  • Bobby pins are great ‘tools’ to keep your hat in place for the day.
  • Wear sunscreen and keep your war paint (makeup) to a minimum.

Styling tips for Melbourne Cup Fashion:

Wearing the right fashion is key to being part of the crowd at Flemington race track. Your dress should be stylish but not flimsy, long and not short, dressy but not cocktail-ish.

Then there is the accessories. To take your Cup fashion to another level consider using the right accessories to accentuate your look. Keep colours to a minimum (two) and let your dress speak the language of fashion.

Choose the right hat or head piece to compliment your dress and add the perfect shoes. Just make sure you wear them in before race day, unless you want to hobble around ungracefully all day.

Don’t be tempted to lug around a huge bag with you equivalent to a rucksack. Instead go for the simple clutch bag. If your outfit is suited to gloves, then feel free to wearing some.

To cover up for all eventualities it might be a good idea to carry a jacket or a light coat with you. If you don’t want to have the extra baggage, take a small umbrella instead and match it to your fashion.

Try to avoid the common fashion mishaps of single feathers and lampshade like hats, unless you want to look like a mushroom or a peacock.

Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009
will be like any other year, a colourful mix of the fashion conscious and the fashion blind. Get ready now and be prepared well ahead of time before the mad rush for the finish line has women of all ages hire hats in a panic.

4 Sensible Fashion Tips for Career Women

Do you wake up in the morning wondering how to jazz up your office look? Even if you are not a fashionistas, you should seriously be concerned about your look since like books, which are often judged by their cover, the way you dress says a lot about you.

Literally, fashion for career women has become an integral part of their lives. Whether you are in need of a new dress or not, you will surely be tempted to buy those newly designed dresses which are worn by the Hollywood style icons or the garments that are displayed in your local shopping malls. However, there are certain things that you need to be aware of when deciding which fashion to go with.

When it comes to fashion tips, it seems that everyone tried numerous style advices. Some of them are really useful, while others are not so much. With that in mind, we have jotted down 5 simple but unique fashion tips for career ladies. With these fashion tips, you’ll be good on your way to living your most fashionable life.

Dress According To Your Body type

One of the most common rules every career woman should keep in mind is that you must dress according to the shape of body you have. It’s a foolishness to imitate someone else’s fashion blindly since you definitely don’t want to commit a fashion disaster. If you look at the most beautiful women in Hollywood, even the most gorgeous one has certain flaws in their body. However, they are clever enough to hide the imperfections with appropriate styling. Therefore, you should keep the flaws of your body in mind when buying a new outfit.

Keep Your Make Up Natural:

Make up is quite important as they help improve the overall physical beauty of a woman. When using make up, women, especially who are working, should keep it as natural as possible. As a general rule, avoid using bright colors like purple, blue, and green. Instead, add some hair glitter or glitter body gel to add a touch of cuteness in your body.

Be Sensible About Dressing:

You have to make a distinction between what to wear at the office and when you are not working. Be sensible about the colour – bold colours don’t necessarily mean bold styles. When you are at home, you can wear a loose t-shirt with a simple Capri pant or a blouse with long skirts. At the same time, when you are attending a banquet or office party, you should dress in a formal gown that suits your feature and status.


If you in mid 30’s, you can choose jewelry that are elegant in style and little mature. Avoid carrying gorgeous handbags at your office and try using purses or small handbags. You can wear high-heels at work. However, when you are at home, consider wearing a comfortable paint of flat footwear.

Luxury Fashion Designers Offer Creative Dresses

The style and fashion business sector is getting sultrier and more intelligent nowadays, bringing tremendous accumulations on various apparels, fashioner garments, satchels, adornments and other design stuffs. Presently, for easygoing social affairs, men and ladies have great number of alternatives identified with style and identity. It’s the desire to search for the most perfect that makes you to search for extravagance luxury fashion designers collection. During celebration and occasions, circumstances drive us to build up a decent impression in the minds of individuals around us that can be accomplice, relatives or partners in your organization.

With luxury fashion dresses, you can have a craving for driving towards the time of style. This system cheery time get everyone’s eyes itself while using inconceivable variety of social party and dress only like some of the renowned celebrities. Including perfect together with dazzling embellishments these kind of will make a critical lingering result in the midst of the mind and even inside from the get-together dresses passerby. Take a look into the web medium, you can get perfect shocking dresses in this coming New Year season that you essentially have interminably pined to buy. You can turn into a genuine diva and furthermore reveal your style wish on attire sorts. There are boundless options of ladies’ dresses, each fitting for a specific occasion. As per the different body sorts, inclinations, shades, women have a wide choice for dresses.

Ladies’ configuration is continually hinting at change; so there are extents of upscale dresses that offer women some help with wearing latest style. You can moreover benefit from luxury fashion designers collection like casual dresses, night dresses, nice tops, coats, skirts, gathering wears, club tops, club dresses, scarf, tunics, shoreline dresses, totes, and footwear and style enhancements for women. Extravagance online luxury fashion garments online is assistance for both, men and ladies. Where women can find unending styles of articles of clothing and embellishments, men can moreover locate the same despite contraptions and the most best in class devices they attempt to have.

What’s more, what is better is that shape online is completely easy to handle. If you know how to surf on the web, which most by far of us do, you will be easily prepared to locate the best frame related destinations that even offer best garments plans. Extravagance fashion design has turned into a huge business segment in itself, has found its claim to fame on this planet on web shopping too and we can without a lot of a stretch say that it lands to sit tight. As a completed result, with somewhat alarm and brightness, the universe of style is in a matter of seconds yours to deal with the help of web shopping.

Fashion Trends and the Power of Laser-Cut Acrylic Jewelry

Trying to look chic and sophisticated while sporting the latest trend can be a hard feat to pull off but with laser-cut acrylic jewelry, this can be easily done. These trendy pieces can be colorful, fun and –  best of all —  easy to work with. By learning how to incorporate them properly into your chosen outfit, you’ll be looking as glamorous as if you came right off the catwalk.

Tips to Avoid Looking Drab and Un-Fabulous

Do not use too many accessories at one time so you don’t look as if you are trying too hard. Stick with one statement piece because simplicity is always the key to a great outfit.

An all-black ensemble can be transformed into something youthful and fresh by wearing a bright red acrylic necklace.

Monogram jewelry can help you add the hottest season color to your wardrobe without changing all your clothes and diminishing your life savings.

Avoid looking “matchy-matchy” by trying to use complementary colors instead of monochromatic ones. For example, if you happen to be wearing a soft pink chiffon dress, try not to use hot pink or fuchsia for your shoes or bag. Blend in another color, say lavender, to make your outfit look polished.

Customized jewelry can be tricky but if you stick to one piece, say a bracelet or a necklace, then you can pull it off as a fashion trend.

Creating Your Signature Look

Engraved and personalized accessories can sometimes make or break an ensemble. But when done in the right fashion, it can be a part of your signature look. If you avoid having it look over the top, then people might even follow your lead.

For example, a personalized money clip may look fashionable and trendy if you put your initials on it. Choosing to stay classy with a single hue, say silver or gold, can also amp up its beauty and not attract any negative feedback from passersby.

For your signature look, make sure that you pick a piece that will not overtake your outfit. Miranda Priestly, the fictional editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine in “The Devil Wears Prada”, uses a Hermes scarf as part of her signature look. It is neither too elaborate nor too simple but it reminds people of her whenever they see it lying around. Just ask her assistant Andy Sachs.
A powerful accessory can be the key to a successful and fashionable outfit but if it is overly done, it might also land you a spot on the ”Worst Dressed” list. Just ask yourself, ”does this accessory make me look tacky?” and if your gut says ”yes”, then it probably does.

Go for pieces that scream originality but not ”look at me!” Remember, it is not a piece that will define you but your personality and characteristic. Such accessories are made to make your outfit pop but the person wearing them should never be overshadowed by anything, whether it be jewelry, real leather or a designer bag.